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Feature Matrix

Astah CommunityAstah Professional
UML2.x Class, UseCase, Sequence, Activity, Communication, Statemachine, Component, Deployment, Composite Structure, Object and Package Diagrams
Eriksson-Penker Process Diagram
Mind Map
ER Diagram (IDEF1X / IE)
Data Flow Diagram (DeMarco/Gane-Sarson notation)
Requirement Table
Requirement Diagram
Languages and API
Java modeling & exporting
Importing Java
C# modeling & exporting
C++ modeling & exporting
Getting/Editing models by using APIPartially supported
Plug-insPartially supported
GUI Localization
JIRA Plug-in
Confluence Plug-in
Easy Code Reverse Plug-in
C++ Reverse Plug-in
C# Reverse Plug-in
DB Reverse Plug-in
Script Plug-in
PHP Plug-in
XMI Import Plug-in
yUML Plug-in
FreeMind Import Plug-in
Drop in Calendar
The Astah SDK
Input and Output
Print options, Print Preview
Exporting to JPEG, PNG files
Exporting to EMF, SVG files
Exporting to RTF Documents
HTML export
CSV export
Export Mind Map to PowerPoint / RTF
Database Reverse Engineering
Exporting Entity Definition Report
Export SQL
Export CRUD, Requirement Table and hierarchy process of Data Flow Diagram to Excel
XML Input/Output
Export to the Cloud
Team Development
File locking (mutual exclusion)
Compare projects of diagrams/models
Reference Model Management
Model Conversion between diagrams
Convert UML models to Mind Map topics and vice versa
Convert models between ER, Flowchart and DFD
Business Actor, Business UseCase
UseCase Description
Multilingual Display (Alias)
FreeHand drawing, Highlighter
Oval, TextBox, Filled Rectangle, Corner-rounded Rectangles
Mini Icon
Assist Functions
Suggest Feature
Alignment Guide
Search in Diagram
Customizing Keybind
Auto-layout, Alignment, Size adjustmentPartially supported
Auto-Create Class Diagram
Show all the relations on diagram
Jump to diagram from Structure Tree
HyperlinkRead Only
Search and Replace
Copy and paste between .asta files
Clone Models, Clone Packages
Change font color of model names
Font Setting for project
Adjust default size of model elements
Diagram Templates
Mind Maps and Microsoft office Tools
Customize stereotype icons
Tagged Value
Traceability Map
Hierarchy Tree View
Run external tool
Artifact Maps
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