Upload, Comment, and Share Diagrams on the Web

Astah has created a new way for teams to communicate through persistent, interactive, server-hosted diagrams, directly from their web browser! Members of the same, or different, teams can use Astah Share to interact in real time and communicate ideas with the clarity that only our visually enriched approach to modeling can provide.

Share Diagrams and Comments Easily

The User Interface for Astah Share is the same as in all Astah applications, allowing for instant use without a learning curve. The project appears in exactly the same way as it does in Astah (Professional or Community), you can add comments directly to diagrams, or to a specific model, like putting a post-it note on a white board. To share a specific model or part of diagram, you can create a URL (permalink) and just send the link. By maintaining the SNS like conversation view, Share promotes effective collaboration among the team.

Try or Download Share Now

We've set up a public demo site so that you can dive right in to Share and and see for yourself how it works. Astah Share is a free product for our Astah Professional and Astah Community users so download Astah Share now to get started on your own.