Alias - Multiple Language Support

This function allows you to display aliases (e.g. English and Japanese) on diagrams and can be useful for offshore development. Alias can be set to models in the Alias view.


Class DiagramClass, Attribute, Operation, Parameter, Associations...etc
UseCase DiagramUseCase, Actor, Extend, Include...etc
Activity DiagramBaseClass of Object Node
Sequence DiagramBaseClass of Lifeline
Communication DiagramBaseClass of Lifeline
Component DiagramComponent, Type of Component Instance, Type of Part, Classifier, Artifact... etc
Deployment DiagramNode, Type of Node Instance
Composite Structure DiagramPart Type
Data Flow DiagramExternal Entity, DataStore
ER DiagramER Entity, Attribute, Relationships, Subtype... etc
Requirement DiagramRequirement, Test Case
Class Diagram, UseCase Diagram, ER Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram and Requirement DiagramNote, Text