Localize Astah GUI

The Astah GUI can be localized in viarious languages by using the external resource files.

In Portuguese

Portugese Language
In Chinese

Chinese Screenshot

Existing resource files

7.2.xEnglish/-astah-gui_en_7_2_x.zip(Sample)-September 27, 2017
7.1.xEnglish/-astah-gui_en_7_1_x.zip(Sample)-September 28, 2016
6.6.xChinese / Chinaastah-gui_zh_cn.propertiesAbbeykorby@aliyun.com
(read interview)
November 8, 2013

  • astah-gui_en.properties is a sample file for you to translate.

How to Use resource files

  1. Download the Astah resource file and unzip it (if necessary). Then, save astah-gui_XX.properties or astah-gui_XX_XX.properties in the Astah Installation folder. If you are on Mac, save it under instead:

       1. Right-click on the .app file and click [Show Package Contents] from the context menu.     Localize Astah
       2. Save the .properties file in the Contents/Java/ directory.
      Localize Astah
  2. Start Astah. Menus and error messages can be displayed by the default locale of your OS if you set the external resource file in the Astah Installation folder.
    * You may need to customize the Java font.
  • Change Vision, Inc. may not warrant the operation of Astah when using resource files. It also does not have any responsibility for the user support.
  • Redistribution of the Astah resource files is not allowed.
  • Resource files are available for Astah Community only.

How to Create resource files

  1. Download a sample resource file and unzip it.
  2. Rename the file to "astah-gui_language.properties" or "astah-gui_language_country.properties".
    Refer to Class Locale or Creating a Locale for the information of languages and countries.

    Example of Resource File Names
    File NameLanguageCountry

  3. Edit astah-gui.properties by Unicode.
    native2ascii in Java
    1. Install JDK
    2. Set an environment variable, JAVA_HOME.
    3. Add %JAVA_HOME%\bin to an environment variable path.
    4. Edit by the native code.
    5. Transfer it to Unicode by using native2ascii command in the Command Prompt.
    • Transfer the native code (Except Latin 1 or Unicode) to Unicode.
      (ex) Transfer astah-gui_jp.propertie created by EUC-JP to Unicode.
      native2ascii -encoding EUC-JP astah-gui_jp.properties astah-gui_ip_new.properties
    • * Please refer to here regarding native2ascii.
    • * Please refer to here regarding the encoding of native2ascii.
    Properties Editor for Eclipse Plugin

Instructions for Editing

  1. Edit a resource file by Unicode, based on astah-gui.properties
  2. Set CR+LF for the linefeed code. Replace the linefeed code when editing UNIX or MacOS.
    - UNIX : LF(\n)
    - Windows : CR+LF(\r\n)
    - MacOS : CR(\r)
  3. Add following items.
    - properties.astah.version : astah version
    - properties.version : Resource file version
    - (ex) pt_BR 1.0
    (ex) pt 1.0
    - properties.translator : Developer Name
    - properties.mail : Email Address
    - properties.comment : Comment

#properties.astah.version=Astah Community 7.2
#properties.version=XX_XX 1.0
#properties.translator=Tom Jones
#properties.comment=English version
  • Do not add, delete or change keys, or change the order of keys.
  • Do not delete *c0,*c1,*t0,*t1 and ...
  • Do not change $. It is a mnemonic code.
    (ex) diagramview.popupmenu.add_qualifier.label = Add $Qualifier
  • Do not change or delete {0},{1},....{n}. These are the variables for the messages.
  • Individual developers have copyrights to the resource files they create. Please contact the developer if you would like to modify the released resource file and release it on this website. The original developers, you or both can hold the copyright of the resource file upon consultation.
  • The descriptions about shortcut keys included in the resource files are Windows-specific.

How to Release resource files

Please send your resource file, with the following information, if you wish to release it on our website.

  • Subject: Resource File for Astah Community
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • File Name
  • Language
  • Country (for file)
  • Astah Version
  • Developers have copyrights of the resource files they create.
    However, Change Vision, Inc. has a right to change, copy, and distribute the resource files. If you do not agree with it, you may choose not to release the resource file on our website.