Mini Icon

You are able to add Mini Icon on the right top corner of the models.

How to add a Mini Icon

  • Select a model in diagram and click the Mini icon you want to add from the Tool bar
  • Right-click on a model and select [Add Mini Icon] from its Pop-up menu


Mini Icon

Mini Icons are available to following models

Multiple diagramsModel, Subsystem, Package, Note, Text, Interface, Entity, BusinessEntity, Boundary, Control, BusinessWorker, Instance Specification
Class DiagramClass, Association Class
UseCase DiagramActor, UseCase
Statemachine DiagramState, Submachien State
Activity DiagramAction, Callbehavior Action, FlowFinal Node, SendSignalAction, AcceptEventAction, Object Node, Process, Connector
Sequence DiagramLifeline, Message
Communication DiagramLifeline, Message
Component DiagramComponent, Part, Classifier, Artifact
Deployment DiagramNode, Node Instance, Component, Component Instance
Composite Structure DiagramStructured Class, Part, Class, Association Class
Data Flow Diagram(DFD)External Entity, ProcessBox, DataStore;
ER DiagramER Entity
Requirement DiagramRequirement, TestCase