Quick Command Plug-in

Model with your keyboard! Use commands that save you time and increase your productivity!


How to Install

  1. Download the Plug-in file by clicking the blue Download button at the top of this page.
  2. After the download is complete, drag the downloaded .jar file to an open instance of Astah. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm installation choose [Yes].
  3. If the pop-up below opens, restart Astah.
    astah plugin menu
    The [Plugin] menu exists in Astah version 7.2 or later. If you are using v7.1 or earlier, read this FAQ.
  4. When you relaunch Astah, the Quick Command Plug-in tutorial will start.

How to Use

  1. You can set a hotkey to launch this command field. Go to [Tools] - [Quick Command Setting]. Set your own hotkey and click [Save].
  2. When you start typing, the command field appears with possible commands in listed - when you type "o", it has "open diargam" and "open project".
  3. Let's create a Class. The incremental search function helps by listing the options you can use. By typing "c", it lists all the commands start with "create".
  4. You can add a stereotype with this too. For example, if you want to add <<type>> stereotype to a class named "A". Type "add stereotype A type" in the command.