Astah User's Guide

Communication Diagram

Create Diagram

  • Go to [Diagram] - [Communication Diagram]
  • Create from the pop-up menu in the Structure Tree.

Hide Diagram Frame

Select the Communication Diagram in the Structure Tree, then check off the [Frame Visibility] in the Propety view.

TIPS: Hide diagram frame by default
You can hide diagram frame by default in the System Properties.

Communication Diagram Tool Palatte

This is the tool palatte of Communication Diagram, for all the common tools, check out here.

Communication Diagram Toolbar


Create a Lifeline

There are three ways to create Lifeline.

  1. Double-click on a Sequence Diagram.
  2. Select [Lifeline] on the Tool palatte and click on a diagram.
  3. Drag Class from the Structure Tree on to Sequence Diagram.

Select [Link] from the Tool palatte and click two Lifelines.


Create a Message

There are two ways to create a Message.

  1. Select [Message] from the Tool palatte and click the Link on the diagram. You will see a red arrow. You can reverse the direction by moving a mouse. Click again to create a message.
  2. Use Suggest Feature