Astah User's Guide


Astah flowchart diagram


  • Go to [Diagram] - [Flowchart] - [New] or [New by Template]
    Astah flowchart
  • Create from a pop-up menu in the Structure Tree

Create a Template Flowchart

  1. Select a Flowchart in the Structure Tree which you want to save as a template. Then click [Save as Template].
    Save Flowchart as a template
  2. Now the Flowchart itself will be saved as a template.

Tool Palatte

Flowchart Toolbar

Transition 123Transition(Solid)
InitialStateInitial Node
FinalStateFinal Node
MergeCondition Judgement
independentBarSynchronization Bar - Independent Mode
OthersSee Common tools


Create Lane

Select [Lane] from the Tool palatte and click on the Flowchart.

Edit Lane

Lane's Pop-up menu



Create a Transition

Select [Transition] from the Tool palatte and click two o bjects in order.


Edit Transition

  • You can input the definition for each Transition from the Transition property or directly typing on the Transition on the diagram.
  • You can also .change the transition line style.

Flow Symbols

Flow Palette

A set of Flow symbols are called "Flow Symbol Palette" and [Basic Symbols] and [Sanno Style] are the default Flow Symbol Templates.

TIPS: Change the location of Flow Symbol Palette.
From the System Properties, you can set the location or the size of Flow Symbol Palette.
System Properties for Flowchart

Flow Symbols

Create a Flow Symbol

  1. Click a Flow Symbol from the palette.
  2. Click on a Flowchart.

TIPS: Double-click to draw a Flow symbol

You can draw a Flow symbol just by double clicking on a Flowchart.
Flowchart Symbol

Switch Flow Symbol Icon

You can switch Flow Symbol Icon on the diagram.

  1. Right-click on the Flow symbol on the flowchart and select [Set Icon].
    Flowchart Symbol
  2. A list of icon appears. Click one that you'd like to switch to.
    Flowchart Symbol

Convert UseCase from Flow Symbol

You can convert a flow symbol to an UseCase.

  1. Right-click on target Flow symbol then click [Convert to UseCase].
    Convert process to usecase
  2. Check options and click on [OK] in [Convert to UML Model] dialog.
    Convert process to usecase

Flow Symbol Template

You can customize Flow Symbol Template with all the icons you need.

  1. Go to [Tools] - [Set Template] - [Flow Symbol].
  2. A Template window opens, click [Add].
    Flow template
  3. Specify the location where you want to save the template property file.
  4. New Template is now created. Select it and click [Edit] button.
    Flow template
  5. Click [Add] button on the right and select icons you want to add and enter its name.
    Flow template
  6. New palette will be added on the Diagram Editor.
    Flow template

Add a Flow Symbol to an exiting Template.

You can add a flow symbol on the diagram to your customized flow symbol template.

  1. Right-click on a Flow Symbol and select [Add to Template] from its pop-up menu.
    Flow template
  2. Select a Template that you want to add this flow symbol to and click [OK].
    Flow template