Astah Engineering Pack is a bundle pack for 3 editions of Astah.
Perfect tool-set from software engineering to generating safety assuarance cases.

Unleash 3 Astsah Editions!

With one engineering pack license, you can use three editions of Astah.
Astah Professional, Astah SysML and Astah GSN.
Astah Engineering-Pack
Astah Engineering-Pack

License Management made Easy!

With Astah Engineering Pack, you will receive only one license file which enables you to use 3 editions of Astah.
No separate licenses for each edition, only one single license does all.

Pay less and use more!

If you use more than two Astah editions, Engineering Pack is a right choice.
  • You will save $158 if you use 3 editions
  • you will save $30 if you use 2 editions
(Cost of Annual license for each edition is USD 119 / 90 Euro)
Astah Engineering-Pack

Astah Engineering Pack License Description

  • License Type: Annual
  • Price: USD 199 / 150 Euro
  • Available to use Astah Professional, Astah SysML and Astah GSN with one license.
  • Free version update
  • Astah will no longer function after the license expires.