Astah Professional Release Notes: 6.5.1

[Notes for Mac]

  • [Ctrl] key in this Release Note indicates [Command] key.
  • RTF document Astah generates is designed for Microsoft Office Word. When you open RTF Document with TextEdit, the images would not appear.
  • You cannot drag Diagram Editor's tabs to move sideways on Aqua Look and Feel.

Astah Professional 6.5.1 (2011/12/19)

  • Model Version: 35
    Astah files (.asta) are backwards compatible. If the files have been edited by the newer model version of Astah, they cannot be opened in the older model version.

[New Functions/Improvements]

  • Now Software Update Check and Usage Data Reporting are taken place at the same time

[Added APIs] (Please refer to Astah API User Guide)

  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.project.ProjectAccessor
    • IEntity getEntity(String id);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.IState
    • void setEntry(String entry);
    • void setDoActivity(String doActivity);
    • void setExit(String exit);
    • void addInternalTransition(String event, String guard, String action);
    • void deleteAllInternalTransitions();
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.ITransition
    • void setGuard(String guard);
    • void setAction(String action);
    • void setEvent(String event);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.IInteractionOperand
    • IMessage[] getMessages();
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.ILinkPresentation
    • Point2D[] getAllPoints();
    • void setAllPoints(Point2D[] points);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.editor.MindmapEditor
    • void setBoundaryVisibility(INodePresentation topic, boolean visibility);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.editor.StructureDiagramEditor
    • ILinkPresentation createContainmentLinkPresentation(INodePresentation parentLinkEnd, INodePresentation childLinkEnd);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.view.IProjectViewManager
    • List getSelectedEntities();
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.view.IDiagramViewManager
    • List getSelectedPresentations();
    • List getOpenDiagrams();
    • void open(IDiagram diagram);
    • void closeCurrentDiagramEditor();
    • void close(IDiagram diagram);
    • void closeAll();
    • void select(IPresentation presentation);
    • void select(List presentations);
    • void selectAll();
    • void unselectAll();
    • double toWorldCoordX(int xInDeviceCoord);
    • double toWorldCoordY(int yInDeviceCoord);
    • int toDeviceCoordX(double xInWorldCoord);
    • int toDeviceCoordY(double yInWorldCoord);

[Fixed Bugs]

  • [4623] File chooser's filters does not work properly on Java 7
  • [4658] (Mac) Astah cannot handle canonical compositions in project file name correctly
  • [4670] Cannot open the file path of hyperlink in exported HTML on Firefox
  • [4671] The blue highlighted line shown when changing destination of generalization does not navigate properly when if the generalization is shown in horizontal shared style
  • [4672] Generalization lines cannot be manipulated property when its shown in horizontal shared style
  • [4674] When you copy and paste models from one Astah to another, generalization in shared style cannot be pasted
  • [4678] Some major API are missing from Statemachine Diagram
  • [4681] Hyperlinks of Class's Attributes and Operations do not appear on its Pop-up menu in diagram
  • [4682] When you copy and paste models from one Astah to another, Object Node in Activity Diagram cannot be pasted if it has a State
  • [4683] projectClosed of ProjectEventListener cannot be called with Plugin API
  • [4691] (Mac) When saving a new project, there is no default file name appear in a file chooser
  • [4699] [SQL Export] does not export reference constraints correctly
  • [4704] Inserting a new vertical partition in Activity Diagram could move existing models to somewhere else and overlap on them
  • [4705] An empty dialog appears when an error 12057 occurs when activating Node Count License
  • [4706] [Import Java] fails if .java contains enum constants parameter in primitive type casted
  • [4707] Update of reference model fails after changing the display of namespace of Association Class
  • [4708] An exception happens by calling getTarget()/getSource() of ILinkPresentation if it has a Note
  • [4720] Inserting an icon to Mind Map topic using API does not expand the topic field to fit itself inside of it
  • [4722] Moving Mind Map topic from right to left with using API does not re-adjust the layout so the whole Mind Map layout breaks
  • [4723] When copying and pasting models in Sequence Diagrams, pasted models will lose the display order of models
  • [4736] If a line-break exists in root topic of Mind Map, a line-break will also appear in a default file name that shows upon on exporting the Mind Map to images or other format files
  • [#77] Plug-ins may not function properly on Java7
  • [4761] It is unable to specify both line shape and Points at the same time using API ILinkPresentation
  • [4748] An exception dialog appears when deleting a line break that was inserted by \r\n to Mind Map topic
  • [4777] ILinkPresentation.getProperties() throws an IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [4760] XMI import fails if the XMI contains Mind Map which includes a topic which has a both link to the other topic and boundary


  • XMI files generated by JUDE/Professional3.0 or older cannot be loaded.
  • [Insert diagram image's link into exported document] option has been removed from RTF Document settings

[Existing Bugs]

  • [4274] Highlighter element does not appear on exported EMF
  • [4216] Print setting does not work for all the sheets of Entity Definition Report in EXCEL2007 or earlier version
  • [4070] FreeHand element does not appear on exported EMF
  • [3765] Spaces are not displayed correctly when printing a UseCase Description
  • [3049] After ungrouping the EMF images of diagrams from astah*, the EMF image falls apart in other tools
  • Depend on the running environment, images in EMF format cannot be pasted directly in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
    This happens in Office 2000 after applying Windows update KB896424. To paste, go to [Edit] - [Paste special] - [Enhanced Metafile] in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you use Office 2003, you do not encounter this problem.
  • In the RTF document export function, the size of images becomes too large or small depending on the option or the size of diagrams
  • Some of Japanese characters cannot be input in the Mind Map
  • A curve line in Mind Map will become a dashed line when you copy & paste an EMF file
  • [4149] Boundaries in Mind Map are not displayed in the EMF format
  • Objects lose gradations on exported EMF images. (By [Export Image]-[Save Diagram as EMF]/[Save Multiple Diagrams as EMF]/[Copy to Clipboard]-[EMF])
  • [4034] [Mac] astah* could freeze when printing or previewing on Mac OS X 10.5
  • [4005] [Mac] astah* freezes when selecting [Print] - [Save as PDF] on Mac OS X 10.5

[Whats NOT supported in Mac]

  • Copying as EMF is not Supported