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Your request has not reached the server

Hi there

We rebooted the server hosting Astah share this week and since then we've been unable to login. When the correct login credentials are entered the user receives the message

Your request as not reached the server

Please check if connection is ocrrectly established and reload the page.

If I use the browser debugger and monitor the traffic, when the login button is pressed I see a http request to http://astah:7080//messagebroker/amf

which receives a 404 response from the server.

How should I go about resolving this ?


Product: Astah Share

Hi Simon,

In case you are using Windows Server, could you check to see if the Windows Service of Astah Share is started? You can find and start [Apache Tomcat astahshare] in [Start] - [Administrative Tools] - [Services] if you registered Astah Share as a Windows Service.

If you are not registered it, you can double-click startup.bat in the Astah Share install folder to start Astah Share.

If the problem is not solved, please email us the following information/log files to

  1. OS and version
  2. log files

    The log files are saved at [server] - [logs] in the Astah Share install folder.

    e.g. astahshare-xxxx.log, catalina.xxxx.log etc.



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