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Component diagram/draw multiple usages of a provided interface in the same diagram

Hi, I have three components in a component diagram, each providing the same interface ("lollipop-bullet"). I also have a component which can USE this interface of each component. But I can only draw one "usage" line with the corresponding "lollipop-bracket" style. For the others, Astah says "this usage relationship already exists". How can I draw this? Is this scenario forbidden in UML, and if so, what is the recommended way? Thanks for any hints Ingo

Product: Astah Professional

Hello Ingo,

Thanks for your post! I'd be happy to be your help!

To understand the situation correctly, could you please show me the diagram images?



Hello again Ingo,

I assume that this is the situation you are facing: Image Text

And this is what you'd like to do:

Image Text

To do so, select all the Interfaces including one that has the usage already and select [Delete from Diagram] from context menu. Image Text

Then drag and drop the Interface from the tree to the diagram.

If this isn't what you are looking for, please show us the diagram images!

Thanks! SJ

Satomi, this is exactly the problem I was facing. (I could not upload the image, but you got it). And your solution is working excellently. Thank you very much for the immediate response. Ingo

Hi Ingo,

Glad we were able to help! :)



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