Merge Projects

Merge a project into the project you are working on.

Merge projects from the menu

  1. Click [File] - [Compare Project and Merge].

  2. Select a project to merge into in the dialog and click [Open].

  3. [Differences] dialog is displayed.

  4. Click the [Merge] button.

  5. [Merge] dialog is displayed.

Comparing dialog_Merge button


Merges all the elements that exist in either the working project or importing project.
For other elements, select the working project or importing project, and then merge with priority elements of the selected project.
Simple Marge Dialog


The following diagrams do not support merging portions of diagrams edited in each,
although merging of either in the entire diagram is possible.
  • Activity Diagram

  • Statemachine Diagram

  • Sequence Diagram

  • Mindmap

  • Safety Concept Diagram(Changes related to decomposition) (astah* System Safety)

Merge projects from the command line

Merge projects from the command line. <Command name> is as follows.




(astah* System Safety)


(astah* SysML)


  1. Execute command as follows.

    $<Command name> -diff Sample1.axmz Sample2.axmz
  2. [Differences] dialog is displayed.

  3. Click the [Merge] button.

  4. [Merge] dialog is displayed.