System Properties

The System Properties of Astah can be set up using [Tools]-[System Properties] in the Main menu.

Apply the project settings to the current project

Check this option to apply settings to the current project.

Default [OFF]

Diagram Editor

Number of opened editors before closing (1 to 99)

Opening many editors at the same time consumes a lot of memory and can cause performance problems. If you try to open more editors than the number set here, the older editors will be closed automatically.

Default [8]

Tool bar location

Choose where you want to have the Tool Palette.

Default [top]

Show scroll bar

Check this option to display Scroll Bars.

Default [ON]

Hide title bar of the Diagram Editor (Restarting |product_name| is required) (Windows Only)

Check this option to hide the title bar of editor frame. Restarting Astah is required.

Default [OFF]

Selection knob size

Sets the size of the knob that is displayed when you select a diagram element.

Default[medium size]

Jump at line intersection (Available in the Line and Right Angle Line styles)

For straight lines and right-angled lines, draw them so that they jump at the intersections of the lines.


Add shadow on model elements

Default [ON]

Gradation style (Model elements)

Default [Diagonal]

Gradation style (Background)

Default [Normal]

Background color

Select color of background of Diagram Editor.

Default [White]

Enable Suggest Feature

Check this option to enable the draw suggest feature.

Default [ON]

Enable Content Assist

Check this option to enable the content assist feature.

Default [ON]

Show Grid on diagram

Click this option to display the Grid on the Diagram Editor.

Default [OFF]

Horizontal grid line interval

Set grid horizontal interval.

Default [30]

Vertical grid line interval

Set grid vertical interval.

Default [30]

Grid line color

Set grid color.

Default [Pale Purple]

Default Font

Set default font.

Default [Dialog,PLAIN,12]

Location of Map View in the Diagram Editor

Set location of Map View in the Diagram Editor.

Default [Right Bottom]

Default Item Size

The Initial item size for each model elements can be set in this segment. To apply the size you input, check the box. “Maximum size of image on diagram” limits the maximum size of images on diagrams when the box of “Image” is unchecked.

Some models may appear in different size despite the size you specify depending on the length of its name etc Default size should be from 1 to 1000















Maximum size of image on diagram



New Diagram Element Style

Configure settings such as background color, line type and line width to be used when creating new elements.

To sync the settings of the project with the settings in the system properties, click [Project Settings] in the project properties.

When the project icon is displayed for certain diagram elements, the color settings for those elements are saved to each project that is created.

New Diagram Element Style
Common diagram elements

Set color to common diagram elements.

Default [Pale Yellow]

Image Export

Include Grid

Include grid to the exported image.

Default [OFF]

Backup image files when saving

Create a buckup file if the file with the same name exist.

Default [ON]

Include Mini Icons


Include Hyperlink Icon


Expansion rate to copy a diagram as a bitmap image (%)

Set the expansion rate to copy a diagram as a bitmap image (%). (Minimum 100%)

Default [140]

Use current level of zoom for copying

Click this option to use the zoom level of the screen for copy.

Default [OFF]

Resolution to export a diagram to PNG and JPEG files (DPI) (72 to 720) Convert to a scale (Resolution/72) for SVG.

Default [96]


Set properties related to the file.

Stack size when creating/importing a project file(1 to 64 MB)(Restart of Astah is required apply the change.)

Default [5MB]


Set properties related to the network.

Use Proxy setting from Operating System (Windows Only)

Default [ON]

Use Proxy Server for software updates

Uses the proxy server specified in the software update check.

Default [OFF]


Default [None]


Default [None]

User Name

Default [None]


Default [None]


Set other properties.

Check for Software Updates when launching application.

Default [ON]