GSN 1.1 (July 24, 2015)

Released: July 24, 2015
Model Version compatibility link: 39


  • New Startup Screen
  • Auto Layout
  • Model ID when cloning model elements
  • Goal based Module ID/Statement
  • Reset Model ID
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New Startup Screen

We’ve implemented a new startup screen that appears when first launching Astah GSN!
Now you can create a new file or open recent files easier! Also, you can directly access to GSN related news!


Auto Layout

Auto Layout for Astah GSN is now available from the Alignment menu. You no longer need to use the Script-plugin for Auto-layout with this newest version.

Astah GSN's new auto-layout feature

Model ID Reset

You can reset IDs of all GSN models from the top-left to the right bottom. Models will have IDs automatically in the order they are created, so an ID of models that are added after will look random. This ID Reset helps to streamline IDs after your GSN is complete!

Reset GSN ID's in Astah GSN
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Fixed Bugs

  • [579] When copying GSN to Clipboard, it loses a part of “undeveloped” label
  • [593] (Mac) An exception error happens when pasting Japanese text to models ID or statements
  • [605] Resizing the Window opens [Extra view] even when it should be closed