End-of-Life for Astah GSN

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Setup and Uninstall

  • How can I install Astah?

    Here’s the instructions for installing Astah GSN.
    – The screenshots are Astah Professional’s. However, the appearance and process are the complete same except the product name.
    – If you are installing Astah on Linux, please read this page instead.

    1. Download Astah Installer from download page
    2. Once you complete downloading the installer, double-click it.
    3. The installer launches, click [Continue].
      Astah Installation Step
    4. Astah’s EULA will appear. Please read it through and click [Continue].
      Astah installation step
    5. It will show you where Astah will be installed. If the default destination is okay, click [install]. If you’d like to change the location, click [Change Install Location] and specify.
      Astah installation step
    6. The installation starts. Wait until it completes.
      Astah Installation Step
    7. Once the installation completes successfully, you will get this following message.
      Astah Installation Complete
    8. Now Astah application icon should appear in the installed directory. Double-click it to launch Astah.
  • How can I install Astah in silent mode?

    Use the following command below. (e.g: Installing Astah GSN v1.2)

    astah-gsn-1_2_0-489b6a-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent

    If you would like to install  to a specific directory, use /DIR option.
    astah-gsn-1_2_0-489b6a-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent /DIR=”the destination of installataion folder”



    • License file (.xml) should be directly saved in the Astah Installation folder.
    • If you have a Faculty Site License, a license file(.xml) should be renamed from “astah_faculty_license.xml” to “astah_gsn_license.xml” when directly saving in the Astah Installation folder.
  • Where can I see the system requirements?
  • How can I change a Machine to use Astah?
    1. Make a back up files of the following on your curremt machine if you have:
      • Plugins: Userhome/.astah/gsn/plugins
      • User templates:Userhome/.astah/gsn/template
      • Customized system properties: Userhome/.astah/gsn/JudeG.properties
    2. Uninstall Astah completely from the current machine
    3. Download and install Astah on new machine
    4. Restore the back up data to the new machine.
    5. Have your license file reissued and set from [Tool] – [License] – [Set License Key].
      Astah GSN License Setup
  • How can I uninstall Astah?

    You can uninstall Astah by following the step below if you decided not to use Astah after your evaluation.


    1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Control Panel and select it from the results.
    2. Select Programs > Programs and Features.
      How to uninstall Astah GSN
    3. Press and hold (or right-click) on the Astah GSN and select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change. Then follow the directions on the screen on Windows.
      Uninstalling Astah GSN



    1. Locate the Astah GSN in the Finder. Mostly you can find it in your Applications folder
    2. Drag the app to the Trash, or select the app and choose [File] – [Move to Trash].
    3. If you’re asked for a user name and password, enter the name and password of an administrator account on your Mac.
    4. To delete the Astah GSN completely from Mac, empty your trash.
      Empty Trash on Mac


    Linux – Ubuntu

    Please follow the instruction here.

    Linux – Debian

    Please follow the instruction here.

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  • Where are the Astah log files?

    When you are asked to send log files along with your bug report, please send the 2 log files that are stored in your home directory:

    • astah_gsn.log
    • astah.log

    You can find them in the USER_HOME\.astah\gsn directory.