Important Announcement

Astah Faculty Site License was reformed on December 9th, 2021. Please read our official press release.
On this page, we will describe the important changes.

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1. Astah System Safety is available now

After December 9th 2021, you are able to use Astah System Safety with Faculty Site License.
Astah System Safety is a MBSE and Safety analysis design tool which includes the most functionalities that Astah SysML and Astah GSN have and it offers much more advanced features.



Astah System Safety supports following diagrams:

Block Definition Diagram
Internal Block Diagram
Parametric Diagram
Requirement Diagram
UseCase Diagram
Activity Diagram

Statemachine Diagram
Sequence Diagram

GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)
UCA (Unsafe Control Action) Table

Control Structure Diagram
Precondition Table
Control Loop Diagram
Safety Concept Diagram
Loss Scenario Table
Countermeasure Table
Accident Hazard Safety Constraint Table
CS (Component Structure) Entire view

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2. Astah SysML and GSN are still available

You can still use Astah SysML and Astah GSN with Faculty Site License.
However, we recommend you switch to Astah System Safety to simplify the toolset you use since it includes the most functionalities that Astah SysML and GSN have.

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3. License Delivery

After December 9th 2021, you will receive two license files in zip when you purchase a new or renew Faculty Site License.

License Files you will receive
Target Products
astah_faculty_license.xmlAstah Professional, SysML and GSN
astah_faculty_system_safety.licAstah System Safety
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4. Price remains the same

At this change, a more product will become available for Faculty Site License users but the price remains the same.

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5. Get Astah System Safety license

If you have a valid Faculty Site License, you can use Astah System Safety by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to your account where your current Faculty Site License is registered
  2. Go to [License Management] menu and select [Reissue this license key] from the drop-down menu
  3. The license files are delivered to you via email. Please access the URL in the email. Then you will receive a .zip file that contains two license files “astah_faculty_license.xml” and “astah_faculty_system_safety.lic”.
    The “astah_faculty_system_safety.lic” is what you need to use Astah System Safety.

  4. Download and install Astah System Safety and launch it. You will be asked to set a license file. Click [Yes].
    Astah System Safety Launch

  5. You will see the window below, click [Set License key] and specify the astah_faculty_system_safety.lic file.
    Astah System Safety License

    Now you are all set. Explore Astah System Safety by following the help contents below:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.