Important Announcement

We released the major software update for Astah SysML version 8.0 on December 1st, 2022.
Please read through this page and let all the users to upgrade to the latest version.

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Important changes in Astah SysML v.8.0

Both license file format and project file extension will change since version 8.0 as shown below:

version 1.5
version 8.0
License file format.xml.lic
Project file extension.asml.axmz

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1. Get New License

Astah SysML v8.0 requires a different format of license file.
Please follow the step below to get your license issued in a new format – astah_faculty_sysml.lic and distribute it to all the end-users who need to use Astah SysML.

  1. License admin logins to CV Members Site and select [License Management] from left menu.
  2. Your current license information appears.
  3. Choose [Reissue the license key] from the drop-down menu then click [OK].
    Reissue Astah SysML License File
  4. A set of license files will be delivered to you via email which includes astah_faculty_sysml.lic file that is compatible with the latest version of Astah SysML.
  5. Please distribute it to the end-users.
    End-users can use Astah SysML v8.0 by following the guide here.
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2. Project File

You can load existing Astah SysML .asml files from [File] – [Open] menu.
However, the file will be saved as a new .axmz format file once you save it. (It will not overwrite the existing .asml file.) And you won’t be able to load .axmz files back in Astah SysML v1.5 or earlier versions.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about upgrading to Astah SysML v8.0, please feel free to contact us at any time.