Installing Astah on Windows (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)

This page explains how to install Astah in a Windows environment and launch it.

Installing Astah

  1. Download Astah from download page and save the installer to the desired folder (e.g. Desktop).

  2. Double click the downloaded file (.exe).

  3. Select the language to you want to use during the setup (Japanese or English) then click the “OK” button.

Select the language
  1. The start dialog of the setup wizard is displayed. Click “Next”.

Start the setup wizard
  1. Specify the location in which to install the software. To change the default installation folder, click the “Browse” button and select a folder.

Specify the location to install
  1. Select whether to create a program group. In most cases, simply click “Next”.

Create a program group
  1. A dialog asks whether or not to create a desktop icon, whether or not to associate the software with files. Check or uncheck each item as necessary.

Select options
  1. A completion window is displayed when the installation is complete.

Complete the installation

Launching Astah

Astah can be launched by the following methods:

  • Select Astah in the Start menu.

  • Double click the Astah icon on the desktop.

  • Double-click an existing Astah project file (file with the extension axmz).