Basic Concepts

Fundamental Components

The window consists of Management View, Project View, Property View, and Diagram Editor.


Management View

The Management View is used for the basic operations of Astah . The Main Menu includes functions related to the whole Project, such as file operation and editing. Frequently used functions can also be found on the Tool Bar.

Project View

The Project View provides an overview of the whole Project. Tabs at the top can be used to switch the Project View between STPA Procedure, Structure Tree, Map and Diagram.

Structure Tree (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)

The Structure Tree View displays Models in a tree structure. Various operations can be carried out by using the Context Menu of Model Elements.

Diagram (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)

The Diagram View provides a list of all Diagrams and Tables included in the Project.

Search (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)

Extract model elements and broken hyperlinks within a project, or replace strings in model element names.

STPA Procedure (astah* System Safety)

STPA Procedure View displays the STPA analysis procedure in the tree format. The tree helps to create diagrams/tables and analyze STPA by following the step-by-step procedure. Diagrams/Tables can be created by double-clicking on each node of the tree.

Property View

The Property View is used to display and edit the properties of Model Elements.

Select the target Model in the Structure Tree or in the Diagram Editor.

Diagram Editor

The Diagram Editor is used to edit Diagrams/Tables and Models. Multiple Diagrams/Tables can be opened in the Diagram Editor. Use Tabs on the top to switch between Diagrams/Tables.

Basic Concepts

Model and Diagram Element

Elements in Projects, such as Requirements or Associations, are called Model. Model is an element that exists in the project, in contrast, Diagram Element is a notation that represents the Model in diagrams. Each Diagram Element can have different color or size.