Creating and Using Project Files

A project can be opened and edited at a time.

. axmz file

Astah Project files contain an extension as . axmz in name.

Creating New Project Files

  • Using [File]-[New] in the Main Menu

  • Using [Create a new file] on the Tool bar

Some settings of System Properties are reflected in the newly created project.

Opening Existing Project Files

  • Using [File]-[Open] in the Main Menu

  • Using [Open a file] on the Tool bar

  • Select an existing Project from [File] in the Main menu

  • Drop a . axmz file to the Astah icon on the desktop

  • Drop a . axmz file to the Astah window

  • Double-click a . axmz file.

Settings for existing projects can be changed with Project Property Setting.

Project Property Setting

You can change various settings for the project.

Set Project Properties ... dialog

Project Property Setting can be opened in the following ways:

Enabling/disabling Active facet (astah* System Safety)

From version 9.0.0, active facet enable/disable functionality has been implemented.
You can have only the facets(models) you need in your project.
Settings can be changed from System Properties - Project when creating a new project.
The existing project’s settings are in Project Property Setting.


  • By disabling unused facets, the structure tree becomes neat and it becomes easier to find the model.

  • The menu will have inactive items that are not available for use.


Please take a backup as needed before executing.

If you choose to disable any active facets, all data associated with those disabled facets will be permanently deleted, and this action cannot be undone.