[Project Setting] Tab

[Project Setting] tab
  • Project Property [Set]

  • Project Property [Synchronize]

    • Synchronize the setting of System Properties to this current Project.

  • Default Font

    • This display a current font setting. Press the button to open [Set Font] dialog to change the font.


    • The font size can be set from 6 to 18.

    • Font setting can be changed from the structure tree Setting Font.

[Version History] Tab

[Version History] tab
  • Model Time Stamp

    • Display a time stamp of a model.

  • Product Model Version

    • Display a model version of Astah .

  • Project Model Version

    • Display a project model version.

  • Product Version

    • Display history of product versions that this current Project has been modified with.

  • Model Version

    • Display a history of model versions that this current Project file has been modified with.

[Profile Stereotype] Tab

Add or remove profiles to your project

See Profile for details.