Profile can be added to use its own Tagged Values and Customized Icons.

Items That can be Defined in the Profile

Stereotype, Tagged Value Type, Multiplicity and Customized Icons can be defined. Tagged values can only be defined as single-valued primitive types.

Profile Format

OMG XMI 2.5 compliant

Creating a Profile Definition

Profile definition can be created by the following procedure:

  • Using UMLEditor of Eclipse

Add Profile

  1. Add a User Defined Profile

  1. Open the [Profile Stereotype] tab in the Property View of the project.

[Profile] tab
  1. Press the [Add] button and select the definition file in the profile selection dialog to open the [Profile] tab.

Select Profile Dialog

[Profile] tab
  1. Add the EasyProfile

  • When you create a original Stereotype for the first time, the EasyProfile is created.

  • When you create original Stereotypes in the project, they are added to the EasyProfile.

  1. Open [Profile Stereotype] tab in the project that the EasyProfile is not yet applied.

  2. Press add_icon button to open the [Edit Stereotype Definition] dialog.

  3. Enter the Stereotype name in the [Stereotype] field and press [OK]. A Stereotype and the EasyProfile are created.



Edit Profile

The following editing is supported. Select the profile to be edited in the [Selection Target] field.

  1. Set an Customized Icon for the Stereotype


    You can also set up multiple extension icons.

  2. Add a Stereotype to the EasyProfile

  3. Delete the Stereotype from the EasyProfile

    • Select the Stereotype and click delete_icon button.

    • If there are Model Elements to which the Stereotype to be deleted applies in the project, you cannot undo the deletion of the Stereotype.


Delete Profile

  • The Profile selected in the [Profile Selection] list can be deleted by [Delete] button.

profile delete

How to use the Profile

  • Create a Model Element and apply a Stereotype in the Profile.

    Select Stereotype Dialog
  1. If you apply a Stereotype with Tagged Values defined, Tagged Values will be applied to the Model Element. You can check and edit them from the [Tagged Values] tab.

  2. If you apply a Stereotype with a Customized Icon defined, you can switch the notation of the Diagram Element to the Customized Icon notation.

Profile Restrictions

  • A profile with a duplicate name or URI cannot be added.

  • A profile that deviates from the CMOF 2.5 specification cannot be added.

  • A profile that refers to anything other than a resource cannot be added except for UML meta model.

  • A profile which has the duplicate member names in the namespace cannot be added.

  • The nested profile is not supported.

  • Profile update is not supported. If you modify the profile definition, delete it and add it again.
    Note that the Stereotype and Tagged Value information will be lost when deleting.
  • For Stereotype editing, only Customized Icon setting and Definition editing are supported.