Tool BarΒΆ

Frequently used commands from the Main Menu are listed as buttons on the Tool Bar.

new_icon [Create a new file]

Create a new Project.

open_icon [Open a file]

Open an existing Project.

save_icon [Save to a file]

Save a Project.

undo_icon [Undo]

Undo the most recent action.

redo_icon [Redo]

Cancel the most recent [Undo] command.

zoom1_icon [Actual Size]

Display the Diagram in the Diagram Editor by default (100%).

zoomin_icon [Zoom in current Diagram Editor]

Zoom in a Diagram in the Diagram Editor.

zoomout_icon [Zoom out current Diagram Editor]

Zoom out a Diagram in the Diagram Editor.

fitwindow_icon [Fit to Window], [Fit to Window Width], [Fit to Window Height] [Fit to Window(All Opened)]

Scroll/Zoom to fit the whole Diagram in the size of the Diagram Editor.

back_icon [Back to Previous Editor]

Display the previous editor.

forward_icon [Forward to Next Editor]

Display the next editor.

icon_show_projectview_icon [Show/Hide Project View]

Show/Hide the Project View.

aligntop_icon [Align Top/Horizontal Center/Bottom/Horizontal Even/Height]

Align the Diagram Elements horizontally.

alignleft_icon [Align Left/Vertical Center/ Right/Vertical Even/Width]

Align the Diagram Elements vertically.

depthfront_icon [Bring to Front], [Bring Forward], [Send Backward], [Send to Back]

Change the order of overlapped Diagram Elements.

setcolor_icon [Set Color]

Set color to the selected Diagram Elements.

[Reset Color] resets the color to the default color set in the system properties.

setcolorline_icon [Set Line Color]

Set Line color to the selected lines.

setcolorfont_icon [Set Text Color]

Set Text Color to the selected texts.

rightangleoff_icon [Line], [Line (Right Angle)], [Curve], [Curve (Right Angle)]

Connect the Diagram Elements with the line, line (right angle), curve or curve (right angle) style.

shared_style [Vertical], [Horizontal], [Separate]

Set the lines between diagram elements to vertical or horizontal shared notation.

It also cancels any earlier shared notations between diagram elements that were shared notations.

stereotype_normal_icon [Stereotype Normal], [Stereotype Normal Icon], [Stereotype Customized Icon]

Switch the way to depict Model Elements with stereotype.

mm_face_fun [Add Mini Icon]

Adds a mini icon to the selected diagram element.