Export to Cameo Systems Modeler (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)


Export the SysML model of Astah to a format that can be imported by Cameo Systems Modeler (hereinafter called Cameo) of Dassault Systèmes S.E.

Supported Version

Cameo Systems Modeler 18.5 or later (confirmed to work with 18.5 and 19.0)

Supported File Formats

  • .mdxml

Supported Models

Following Diagrams are supported for export.

  • Requirement Diagram

  • Block Definition Diagram

  • Internal Block Diagram

  • Parametric Diagram

  • UseCase Diagram

  • Activity Diagram

  • Statemachine Diagram

  • Sequence Diagram

Unsupported Models

Following Diagrams are not supported for export.

  • Requirement Table

How to Export

  1. Select [File]-[Export]-[SysML to Cameo Project …] in the Main Menu.

  1. In the [Save] dialog, enter a file name and click [Save].

  1. The output file can be used as a Cameo Project by selecting Cameo Main Menu [File]-[Open Project] or [File]-[Import From]-[Other MagicDraw Project]. (Refer to the user’s manual of Cameo for details.)


General Precautions

  • Following Diagram Elements will not be imported into Cameo.

    • Text, TextBox, Filled TextBox

    • Rectangle, Filled Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Filled Rounded Rectangle, Oval, Filled Oval

    • Line

    • Freehand, Highlighter

    • Image

    • Diagram Elements referencing models in SysML Standard Libraries

  • There are differences in the display settings and expressions of Diagram Elements due to differences in tool functions.

Requirement Diagrams

  • When viewing only the Requirement Diagram Element either the [Id] or [Text] partition, both of them will be displayed in the Diagram Elements after import.

UseCase Diagram

  • An actor view in normal notation will be an icon notation after import.

  • UseCase diagram elements are imported with [Name in Oval] applied.

Activity Diagram

  • The diagram frame and partition size may be changed during import.

  • If Diagram Elements that do not belong to the partition overlap, a warning will be displayed when importing.

  • Non-grid partitions will be displayed with its end side not closed after import.

  • Arrows of the input pin and output pin to which a flow is connected will be hidden after import.

Statemachine Diagram

  • A vertical region of a state view will be changed to a landscape region after import.