Import from Astah GSN (astah* System Safety)


You can import the project files created by Astah GSN into Astah.

How to Import

  1. Select [File]-[Import]-[Astah GSN Project (.agml) …] from the Main Menu. or select [File]-[Open].

  1. Select the agml file you would like to import from the file selection dialog and click the [Open] button. If you are on Windows, change the [Files of type] to enable you to choose the Astah SysML files (.asml) first.

  1. The selected file will be imported into Astah.

  • If there are any problems or information with the import result, they will be displayed.

  • Problems and information may be displayed across multiple lines, and each with the following levels of status.

    • INFO: This indicates that the Model Element was imported but some of its properties were changed or lost.

    • WARNING: This indicates that the Model Element was not imported.

    • ERROR: This indicates that the project import completely failed.


  • The following models and diagram elements will be ignored during import.

  • Unsupported Mini Icons

  • Tagged Values

  • Nest