ASIL Setting Criteria


Decision of the Requirement ASIL

The Requirement ASIL is determined by the following priorities. The higher setting is used with priority over the lower setting.

1. ASIL set directly on the Requirement from the diagram or Property View

The ASIL set directly in the Requirement has the highest priority as shown in the image below.

This ASIL setting can be selected even after decomposition or after setting a safety goal in the Safety Concept Diagram.


2. ASIL setting by decomposition

Refer to Decomposition for details about decomposition.

If multiple decompositions has been made, the ASIL set by the last decomposition will take precedence.

3. Setting a safety goal on the diagram

When you set the safety goal requirement with ASIL set in the Safety Concept Diagram, the ASIL of the safety goal requirement is set in the Requirement ASIL on the diagram.

If multiple safety goals are set on the diagram, the highest ASIL takes precedence.


Copy and Paste a Requirement

When a Requirement is copied and pasted on the same diagram, ASIL is carried over.

When a Requirement is copied and pasted on another diagram, ASIL is not carried over. If a safety goal is set to the diagram to which the Requirement is pasted, the ASIL set in the safety goal is reflected.



The highest ASIL is set from all Requirements allocated to itself or its subordinate elements.

Allocated Requirements are subject to ASIL evaluation, even if they are not shown in the diagram, such as being deleted.