[Base] tab

  • ID

    • Edit the ID.

  • Name

    • Edit the name.

  • Safety Concept Diagram containing diagram elements

    • By selecting the Safety Concept Diagram containing Requirement diagram element, you can check the ASIL set to the Requirement in the diagram.

  • ASIL

    • Edit the Requirement ASIL.

  • Allocation Element

    • Display the current Allocation Element. The Allocation Element can be changed to the other element.

  • Is not allocated to element

    • The Requirement is not allocated to the element. The Requirement that is not allocated (check box is enabled) is not allocated to the element and also excluded from ASIL calculation. The property of NFSR Requirement is enabled by default.

  • Definition

    • Edit the definitions.

[Stereotype] tab

  • Name

    • Display the Stereotype Name.

  • Add

    • Add a new Stereotype.

  • Delete

    • Delete the selected Stereotype.

  • ↑/↓

    • Modify the order of the selected stereotypes.