Properties of Pin, ObjectNode, and ActivityParameterNode.

[Base] tab

  • Object Name

    • Edit the Object Name.

  • Type

    • Edit the Object Type.

    • Select an existing Type from the combo box.

  • Property button

    • Open the model property set to the Type in the dialog.

  • New button

  • Ordering

    • Edit the Ordering. Select either of “Unordered”, “Ordered”, “Last In First Out”, or “First In First Out”.

  • Upper Bound

    • Edit the Upper Bound.

  • Control

    • Set whether it is Control.

  • Effect

    • Edit the Effect. Select either of “Unspecified”, “Create”, “Read”, “Update”, or “Delete”.

  • Exception

    • Sets whether it is Exception.

  • Stream

    • Set whether it is Stream.

  • Definition

    • Edit the definitions.

[Stereotype] tab

Refer to requirement - [Stereotype] tab for details.