License management (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)

You can manage licenses from the [License Management] dialog.
  • If the license is not set yet, the [License Management] dialog comes up when starting Astah.

  • If the license is already set, go to [Help] - [License] to open the [License management] dialog.


[Set Floating License]

If you purchased a floating license, click [Set Floating License].

  1. Go to [Help] - [License] then click [Set Floating License].

  1. Check [Use Floating license.] and put a set server name and port number of the floating license server.

  2. Check and set days to roam the floating license.

  3. Click [Get License] to complete the floating license setup.

  1. Follow the steps below to return the floating license.

  1. With a floating license in use, display the [Floating License] dialog.

  2. Uncheck to to [Use Floating license.]

  3. Click [Stop Roaming] to return the floating license.

Set the License Key

Use for non floating license. Follow the steps below to set the license for Astah.

  1. Click [Set License Key] in the [License Management] dialog to display the file selection dialog.

  2. Specify the license key file (.lic) and click “Select License File”.

  3. The license information will be displayed in the License Management dialog, and the license settings will be completed.


If you select a license file for a different product or an expired license file, the license information will not be displayed and a warning dialog will be displayed instead. Please check the contents of the warning and set the license again.

License Registration

To register a license and receive a license key, select [License Registration] in the [License Management] dialog. After purchasing a license, log in to the members site and register your “license number” and “validation code” on the license registration screen to obtain a license key file.

Explore License

You can see the explanation of licenses and find a suitable one for you.


When a license file is about to expire, a notification dialog may appear from Astah. This will help you renew your license or consider another license.