License management (astah* System Safety) (astah* SysML)

You can manage licenses from the [License Management] dialog.
  • If the license is not set yet, the [License Management] dialog comes up when starting Astah.

  • If the license is already set, go to [Help] - [License] to open the [License management] dialog.


[Set Floating License]

Follow the steps below to set the license for Astah.

Astah Professional, UML, System Safety | Floating License Client Setup

Set the License Key

Use for non floating license. Follow the steps below to set the license for Astah.

Astah Individual Annual Licensing Guide - Astah Products


If you select a license file for a different product or an expired license file, the license information will not be displayed and a warning dialog will be displayed instead. Please check the contents of the warning and set the license again.

License Registration

To register a license and receive a license key, select [License Registration] in the [License Management] dialog. After purchasing a license, log in to the members site and register your “license number” and “validation code” on the license registration screen to obtain a license key file.

Explore License

You can see the explanation of licenses and find a suitable one for you.


When a license file is about to expire, a notification dialog may appear from Astah. This will help you renew your license or consider another license.