[Base] tab

  • Name

    • Edit the Port Name.

  • Service

    • Edit whether it is Service.

  • Behavior

    • Edit whether it is Behavior.

  • isConjugated

    • Edit whether it is isConjugated.

  • Multiplicity

    • Edit the Multiplicity.

    • Select either of [1], [0..1], [0..*], [*], or [1..*] from the combo box or enter the value.

  • Type

    • Edit the Type.

    • Select an existing Type from the combo box or enter the Type name.

  • Property

  • Flow Property

  • New button

  • Port Type

    • Edit the Port Type.

    • Select either of Port, Full Port, or Proxy Port in the combo box.

  • Definition

    • Edit the definitions.

[Stereotype] tab

Refer to requirement - [Stereotype] tab for details.

[Constraint] tab

Refer to requirement - [Constraint] tab for details.

[Connector] tab

  • Name

    • Display the Connector Name.

  • Edit button

[Item Flow] tab

  • Name

    • Display the Item Flow Name.

  • Edit button

[Dependency] tab

Refer to Requirement - [Dependency] tab for details.

[Provided Interface]/[Required Interface] Tab

  • Name

    • Select the existing Interface/Required Interface from the combo box.

    • When the selected Provided Interface/Required Interface is modified, the selection dialog opens as below.

  • Add button

    • Create a new Provided Interface/Required Interface.

  • Delete button

    • Delete the selected Provided Interface/Required Interface.

[TaggedValue] tab

Refer to SysML Related Functions - Profile for details.