About Astah SysML API

Astah SysML API is a Java Interface Group for developing applications using Astah SysML model data. Astah SysML API can be used for developing plug-ins and also in the Script Editor to enable you to access Astah models via a Scripting language.
With Astah API, you can get, create, modify, and delete models in the projects you create with Astah SysML.

SysML Parametric Diagram Sample
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In order to run applications created by using Astah API, you need to meet the requirements below:

  • Astah SysML is installed
  • The Runtime Environment meets Astah’s System Requirements
  • Both astah-api.jar and astah-sys.jar files are stored in your machine. (Both .jar files are included in Astah SysML installer)
    • astah-api.jar is required to compile and run the applications
    • astah-sys.jar is required to run the applications
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  • JAVA VM memory setting is required when handling a large size of Astah file.
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Model and Presentation

Astah projects consist of Models and Presentations. Presentation is visual information to notate the model elements in Astah.

For example, if you want to get color information of a specific Block, you access the presentation.
If you want to edit the stereotype of a specific Block, you access the model.
Just remember, you use presentations for anything visual.

The correspondence between the model and the presentation is not necessarily 1:1.