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SysML modeling

Astah SysML is a powerful SysML (Systems Modeling Language) modeling tool which is perfect for systems engineering.
Our user-friendly tool helps create a clear understanding among business analysts, engineers, developers, and quality assurance specialists with Astah SysML.

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“Easy to install and straightforward to use!”

– James. T (Read more reviews)
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All the Diagrams You Need

Built for system engineering.

Astah SysML is built for system engineering, and gives you all the diagram types you need in one powerful tool.
Diagram types include:

Block Definition Diagram (BDD)

Internal Block Diagram (IBD)

Requirement Diagram

Requirement Table

Parametric Diagram

UseCase Diagram

Statemachine Diagram

Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram


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Team Development

Compare and Merge.
Work efficiently with your team members.

You can compare models between two files and merge them into one. You can confirm differences visually by placing two diagrams side-by-side and also in a table format for details.

Floating license is a cost-effective way for team to use Astah because you only pay for a number of possible maximum concurrent users.

Floating License

Compare SysML Projects
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Great Diagramming Experience

Create diagrams quickly and efficiently with assist functions.

We’ve been incorporating user feedback for more than 10 years.
The result is a powerful software program that is incredibly easy to use.
Astah SysML offers a variety of “assist” functions to make your work faster, including:

Create an object by double-click

Create multi-objects by texts

Alignment guides

Clone models/diagrams

Gap Expander/Remover

Insert Actions

Show hidden related models
…and more

Astah SysML Alignment Guide
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Diagram Presentations

Improve the clarity of communications.

Astah SysML offers a variety of “assist” functions to make clean diagrams with alignment guides and “presentation” functions to make your diagrams more expressive, including:

Alignment guides

Jump expression at intersection

Gap Expander/Remover

Note Visibility

Stereotype Icon

Astah SysML Diagram Presentation Sample
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Customized & Personalized

Profile, Stereotype, Multiplicity and Customized Icon.

You can load your existing profile or create a new one in Astah.
Already-defined stereotype list and specific settings using profiles will help you to construct models for specific domains quickly and accurately.

You can also switch the visualization of the objects to customized icons. This expression will improve the clarity of communications between your team and clients.

Astah SysML Profile
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Works with Cameo Systems Modeler.

Export the diagrams you create in Astah SysML to a variety of formats, including image files such as jpg, png, emf, and svg and xml files such as OMG XMI 2.5 and mdxml that can be imported to Cameo Systems Modeler (formerly known as: MagicDraw with SysML plugin).

Also you can import data from Cameo Systems Modeler to Astah SysML via mdxml and mdzip.

Astah SysML data import/export to Cameo Import Export
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Requirements Engineering

Import/Export Requirements via Excel

Ensuring that all system requirements are met is crucial and an important activity in complex system development.

You can import SysML requirements from Excel to Astah SysML and depict them graphically on Requirement diagrams and also edit in tabular format.

A list of requirements can be exported back to Excel file from Astah SysML.

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Extend tools with API

Extend functionality to fit your needs.

The API enables you to obtain model information, create and modify diagrams and models, and use them in application software, and also within Astah SysML via Script Editor to directly access models and alter them.

You can also install free plug-ins from our library and create your own.

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SysML is already the industry standard for engineering large, complex systems; more safety and quality system development teams are rapidly adopting the language every day. Now every engineering specialty, from mechanical, to electronic to software engineering have a common language to design safe, complex systems architectures. We are pleased to welcome Astah to the fold, a unique modeling tool from Japan, from Change Vision.

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Download Free Trial (Windows) Download Free Trial (macOS) Not available for Linux

You can uninstall Astah product(s) when you decided not to purchase a license after your evaluation is over. Here’s the instruction for uninstalling Astah.