About Change Vision, Inc.

Founded in 2006, Change Vision, Inc. started as a tool vendor offering a simple UML modeling editor.
Over the years, our offerings have evolved to include systems modeling and MBSE, now encompassing four distinct products.
Today, we proudly serve over 670,000 users across the globe.

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Our Purpose

Model-Centric Engineering,

we shape a digital future with you,
embracing the diversity of society, business, individuals, and tools.”

– This is our purpose at Change Vision, Inc. –

The nature of systems and software design and development is elusive, ambiguous, and constantly changing, requiring collaboration across diverse specialties and organizations. Through our products and services, we aim to merge diverse insights and challenges from various collaborators, contributing to a society that grows and develops together.

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Meet Our Leaders

Meet our leaders: Kenji Hiranabe, the CTO and a founder, is the innovator and inspiration behind Astah.
Alongside him, Nobuyuki Kosaka, our CEO, steers our strategic vision and operational excellence.

CTO: Kenji Hiranabe

“Make software design
more productive, rich and fun.”

Innovation is rarely the result of rigid thinking, but most engineering software follows a mechanical process. It requires strict, formal, and mechanical thought. It gets the mechanical side right … but it isn’t user-friendly, and it doesn’t provide an environment that allows engineers to improvise and interact with coworkers.

At ChangeVision, we thrive on inspiration. We saw programmers getting bogged down in endless lines of code with no chance to be creative,
and we wanted to change the way that individuals and groups work when developing software. We wanted to provide a common forum that would make software design more productive, rich and fun. We wanted to build something more intuitive – something that would engage our imagination and our urge to create as a team.

The result is Astah. And that is why simplicity, quality, and community remain our three greatest priorities.

That is why we provide a product that:

  • Works intuitively with Windows, Mac, and Linux to provide seamless transition between diagrams, tables and platforms.
  • Delivers a uniquely dynamic and social development experience at a low price.
  • Benefits from ten years of user-driven tailoring and expansion to bring your team and your project together.

Kenji Hiranabe Astah CTO
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CEO: Nobuyuki Kosaka

“Shape a digital future with you
through Model-Centric Engineering.”

I believe that the future shaped by digitalization is one where various things and phenomena are integrated digitally due to the evolution of technologies such as online platforms and AI, continuously transforming into a new environment. The demand for systems and software, and for the digital talent to support these, will undoubtedly increase.

So, how should we perceive, imagine, and prepare for the future?
We believe that model-centric engineering, cultivated through the design and development of systems and software, is invaluable for analyzing and considering complex phenomena.

The design and development of systems and software involve complexities that are elusive, ambiguous, and constantly changing, requiring collaboration across diverse specializations and different organizations.
I believe that model-centric engineering is a crucial technology that can support a continuously changing society and lead us into new environments as we move towards the future.

Through our products and services, we aim to merge diverse insights and challenges from various collaborators, contributing to a society where we can all grow and develop together.

Nobuyuki Kosaka, CEO of Astah.net
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Our Products

At Change Vision, Inc., we specialize in developing in-house modeling tools for software engineers, system engineers, and safety engineers.

Powering Engineering Excellence with Astah

Discover our range of modeling tools, each designed for specific engineering disciplines:
UML-Compliant Tools: Perfect for creating UML diagrams, ER diagrams, Flowcharts, Data Flow Diagrams and more, these tools facilitate clear communication among software development teams.

SysML-Compliant Tool: Tailored for systems engineering, enabling precise and effective systems modeling.

MBSE + Safety Unified Modeling Tool: Supports safety and systems engineering frameworks like STAMP/STPA, SysML, GSN, SCDL, and UAF, making it perfect for engineers requiring consistent modeling across their projects.


Each product has a dedicated page where you can explore its features and discover how it can benefit your projects.

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Universally Trusted, Adopted Worldwide

Our products are utilized by individual engineers, major corporations, government bodies, and universities globally. Notably, our MBSE+Safety tools are extensively employed in critical sectors such as public transportation, automotive, and defense, showcasing their reliability and effectiveness.

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Our Services

Aside from in-house product development, we use our expertise in software modeling, systems engineering,
safety assurance, and tool development to offer tailored training, consulting, and custom tool development services.

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Training Services

We offer flexible training services tailored to your needs, leveraging our expertise in modeling technologies.

Change Vision, Inc. leverages our expertise in software and systems engineering to deliver training tailored to your needs. The specialized training services listed below are provided exclusively in Japanese and available only in Japan.

For similar training overseas, please refer to our list of official professional training partners and contact them directly. If you are interested in becoming a training partner, please contact us.

View Training Partners

Hand Helping Introduction to Modeling

This course is designed for beginners who want to learn the basic concepts of modeling and how to apply them practically. You will learn the importance and practical applications of modeling. Best for engineers who are unsure about the benefits and utilization of models.

Introduction to UML/SysML

This course covers the fundamentals of Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Systems Modeling Language (SysML). Learn modeling techniques for software development using UML and system engineering using SysML, providing efficient methods for designing, analyzing, and verifying complex systems.

Flip Vertical Introduction to Systems Engineering/MBSE

This course covers the basic concepts and practical methods of Systems Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). It introduces methods and tools for efficient design, analysis, and verification across the entire system lifecycle, equipping you with skills to succeed in complex system development projects.

Grid Introduction to UAF

This course covers modeling techniques using the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF). Learn how to model the structure and behavior of complex systems and systems of systems (SoS) by utilizing UAF views and viewpoints. This training enhances your skills in understanding and communicating about entire systems.

Brain Circuit Lightweight Modeling using GSN and Mind Maps

Learn lightweight modeling techniques using Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) and mind maps. This course teaches how to construct arguments with GSN and visually organize ideas with mind maps, making it easier to understand the structure and behavior of systems.

Shield Check Safety Design and Analysis

Understand the basic concepts and methods of safety design and safety analysis for systems. Learn safety design techniques using the Safety Case Description Language (SCDL) and gain practical knowledge of safety analysis methods such as STAMP/STPA. This course provides tools and techniques to ensure safety across the entire system lifecycle and equips you with skills for effective safety design of complex systems.

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Modeling Support Services

Streamline your engineering process with a model-based approach.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in software modeling, systems engineering, safety assurance, and tool development, Change Vision, Inc. offers comprehensive modeling support services for describing architectures and models as shown below.

Please note that our modeling support services are currently available exclusively in Japan. For similar services outside Japan, please refer to our list of partner companies who can assist you. These partners are also our official training providers and professional consultants.

View our Consulting Partners

Architecture Description Support Using UAF

We provide support services for describing the architecture of complex systems and systems of systems (SoS) using the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) in consistent models. We support designing, analyzing, and managing these architectures.

By utilizing UAF views and viewpoints, we standardize the modeling of the entire system’s structure and behavior, facilitating smooth communication among stakeholders. This service offers an efficient and integrated approach throughout the entire system lifecycle, supporting the success of your projects.


Model Description Support and Utilization

We offer professional model description services to address common challenges such as complexity, lack of understanding, and insufficient communication in systems engineering. We visualize the structure and behavior of the entire system to help build a consistent understanding among all stakeholders.

This service is effective in all phases of the system lifecycle, from initial design to operation and maintenance, significantly improving project efficiency and success rates. Additionally, we provide tools and support for model verification, formal methods, and visualization of the status using animation, enhancing the efficiency and quality of system development projects. This effectively supports the design, verification, and visualization of complex systems.

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Tool Customization and Application Development

Leverage our expertise in modeling to provide tools and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At Change Vision, Inc., we extend our expertise beyond standard products to offer tool customization, application development, and virtual evaluation scenario tools for the automotive domain as listed below.

Please note that these services are currently provided exclusively in Japan.
However, if you are interested in similar services outside Japan, please reach out to us.

Contact Us

Square Check Customization of
Modeling Tools

We provide tailored development of modeling tools to meet your specific modeling languages, domains, or original diagrams and models. The “STAMP Workbench” (see figure below), a STAMP tool released by the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), utilizes Astah as its foundational platform. This demonstrates Astah’s versatility and reliability as a foundational technology for engineering solutions.

STAMP Workbench Sample

Square Check Web Application and AWS Infrastructure Development

With our extensive experience as a tool vendor, we provide advanced web application development services using technologies such as React and AWS.

This enables us to offer consistent solutions from front-end to back-end, particularly in applications related to modeling.

Sample of Web Application to create GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) on web browser.

Square Check ADAS and Automated Driving System Support

Utilizing our experience from the SAKURA project, we offer services for deriving and creating virtual evaluation scenarios using ASAM OpenSCENARIO and OpenDRIVE. We also develop custom tools tailored to your specific needs, effectively supporting the development and evaluation of autonomous driving systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This enhances the reliability, safety, and security of the systems.

SAKURA Project Sample for Ontology Scenario

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Participating Organizations

Change Vision, Inc. is actively involved with leading industry and professional organizations that shape the future of engineering and technology.
Below is a list of the organizations we currently participate in, demonstrating our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and professional standards within the global community.

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