New modeling tool for Safety-critical Systems

Astah System Safety is a new modeling tool for safety-critical systems that supports system architecture modeling, system safety assessment and analysis. This is for automotive domain industry with self-driving cars that work with SOTIF and ISO 26262, and aerospace, railways, defense, robotics and healthcare industries where the safety property is crucial and also who are interested in adopting Model-Based Systems Engineering(MBSE).
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Astah System Safety
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What does Astah System Safety support?

Astah System Safety Introduction
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SysML Diagrams


Block Definition Diagram (BDD)
Internal Block Diagram (IBD)
Parametric Diagram
Requirement Diagram
Requirement Table
UseCase Diagram
Activity Diagram
Statemachine Diagram
Sequence Diagram
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Safety Concept Diagram


SCDL (Safety Concept Description Language) is a language for safety architecture designs defined by Safety Concept Notation Study Group.
Astah System Safety supports one of the diagrams SCDL introduces:

Safety Concept Diagram

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Control Structure Diagram
Precondition Table
Control Loop Diagram
UCA(Unsafe Control Action) Table
Loss Scenario Table
Countermeasure Table
Accident Hazard Safety Constraint Table
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Astah GSN Diagram

GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)

You can visualize the safety arguments using Goal Structuring Notation and also D-Case that effectively works for Consensus Building and Accountability Achievement.

GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)/ D-Case

We have another GSN editor dedicated to GSN only called “Astah GSN“.
Astah System Safety includes all the functionalities that Astah GSN has.

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Price and Licensing

Currently, purchase of Astah System Safety is available in Japan only.

If you reside outside of Japan and are interested in purchase and evaluating, please contact us.
Below is a pricing in Japan. Both licenses are annual base and include supports.

  • Floating License
    • 1 seat: 110,000 JPY
    • 10-seat pack: 990,000 JPY
    • 50-seat pack: 4,600,000 JPY
    • 100-seat pack: 8,400,000 JPY
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we try out this product?
    Yes, we provide a 20-day trial license. Please request one from the form below. However we do not have a complete manual or tutorial in English yet.

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