MBSE & Safety:

Astah System Safety is a modeling tool for safety-critical systems to support system architecture modeling, system safety assessment and analysis by incorporating the following modeling languages and techniques in one tool:
UAF (Unified Architecture Framework)

Traceability is assured between models (e.g. requirements and solutions) and API enables the integration with other applications.

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Astah System Safety is for the automotive domain industry with self-driving cars that work with SOTIF and ISO 26262, and aerospace, railways, defense, robotics and healthcare industries where the safety property is crucial and also who are interested in adopting Model-Based Systems Engineering(MBSE).




RAMS, System Safety Assurance, GSN…


Spacecraft, Satellite…


Air mobility, Drones…


ISO 10218, ISO 13482…


IoT Home Appliances

Astah System Safety Features

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Astah System Safety offers intuitive user interface enables you to rapidly implement engineering activities allowing multi-viewpoint modeling for successful systems engineering and reduce the costs of backtracking in system developments.

Aside the ease of diagram creation, Astah System Safety offers Team Collaboration features, extensibility with API and free plug-ins and also XMI import/export abilities that enables you to load data that is created by other tools such as Cameo System Modeler.

Merge Files
Compare Diagrams
Profile support
State Transition Table
State Transition Path
Cameo System Modeler import/export
OMG XMI 2.5 Export
Custom Icon in Astah
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UAF (Unified Architecture Framework)

We offer an UAF Assistance Plug-in that simplifies the process of creating and managing architecture models based on the UAF (Unified Architecture Framework) that is defined by OMG.

Add stereotype and color in One Action
Efficient Search Function
Jump to target model in Diagram
Intuitive Access to Diagrams
Learn more about UAF in Astah
UAF Plug-in Sample
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STAMP (System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes) is an accident causality model based on systems theory developed by Prof. Dr. Nancy Leveson at MIT and STPA (System-Theoretic Process Analysis) is a technique based on STAMP. Astah System Safety provides the following diagrams and tables for your STPA analysis process. See All Supported Diagrams

Control Structure Diagram
Precondition Table
Control Loop Diagram
UCA(Unsafe Control Action) Table
Loss Scenario Table
Countermeasure Table
Loss Hazard Safety Constraint Table
CS (Component Structure) Entire view
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Control Structure Diagram Sample
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GSN / D-Case

You can visualize the safety arguments using GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) and also D-Case that effectively works for consensus building and accountability achievement.

SACM XMI Import/export
Auto Layout
Integrate with SysML
Integrate with MindMap
API Support

Astah System Safety supports model conversion between GSN and other diagram types. For instance, you can convert SysML blocks to Solutions, requirements to goals. Hyperlinks are automatically added between models to assure the traceability.
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Astah GSN Sample Diagram
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ASAM SCDL (Safety Concept Description Language) is semi-formal notation to describe ISO 26262 safety architectures, namely safety concepts.

This includes safety requirement specifications, element architectures, requirements allocation on elements, ASIL assignments, decompositions for safety mechanisms and others. See All Supported Diagrams

Safety Concept Diagram
XML Import/Export
Excel Export

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ASAM SCDL Safety Concept Diagram
Wide Variety

Combining STPA with SysML



XMI Import / Export

XMI Support

API Support

API Support

Why Astah System Safety?

Astah combines STPA and SysML by enabling the models conversions which help you structure STPA analysis by directly using the SysML blocks to create Components and more.

By handling the same model in a project will keep the consistency and everything is easily traceable throughout your analysis process.

XMI Import / Export of SysML models are supported which enables you to load data from Cameo Systems Modeler. You can also add the OMG XMI 2.5 format profile.

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Team Licensing for

Floating License

Annual license
Self-hosted server required
Available from 1 seat

Renewal Fee:
Same as 1st year

Timed License

Non-floating Annual license
USD550 / €480 per license
Purchase a license for a number of users

Renewal Fee:
Same as 1st year
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