System Safety 5.0 (February 26, 2021)

Released: February 26, 2021
Model Version compatibility link: 6
Bundled Java: Bundled JRE Only jre8u275 (AdoptOpenJDK)

Free Trial is available

Astah System Safety is a new modeling tool for safety-critical systems.
Currently, the purchase is available only in Japan, and we plan to make it available outside of Japan in the summer of 2021.

Free Trial
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Merge Models

Now you can merge project files from [File] – [Compare Project and Merge].
You can compare the differences of the models and choose how to merge the conflicts.

Astah System Safety Merge
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Better Cameo Integration

Now you can export more diagrams into Cameo Sytems Modeler via .mdxml file including Requirement diagrams, UseCase diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Statemachine diagrams, Block Definition Diagrams, and Sequence diagrams.

Available from [Tools] – [UML/SysML] – [Export to XMI] – [Cameo SysML XMI].

Cameo SysML XMI
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Highlighting in SCDL

Now relationships between requirements are highlighted in SCDL.
Now you can see the interactions of requirements much easier.


Note Visibility

Now you can show/hide Notes in SysML diagrams from the [Note Visibility] menu on the diagram’s context menu.