System Safety 7.0 (December 9, 2021)

Released: December 9, 2021
Model Version compatibility link: 8
Bundled Java: Adoptium Temurin 8 (jdk8u312-b07)
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Officially available on macOS

Finally, Astah System Safety works on macOS.
If you are a Mac user who has given up on using Astah System Safety, now it’s your time to start trial.

Astah System Safety on Mac
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Complete SysML diagram import from Cameo

Now you can import UseCase diagrams and Statemachine diagrams from Cameo Systems Modeler.
(Other diagram types are already supported: Block Definition Diagram, Internal Block Diagram, Requirement Diagram, Parametric Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram)

Astah System Safety Cameo Integration
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Make diagrams expressive with stereotype icons

Now you can upload image files and let them associate with specific stereotypes.
So that you can switch the presentation of objects to the associated image at any time.
This is extremely effective when you are showing diagrams to non-engineers and will help the communications via diagrams go more smoothly.

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Import Astah SysML files

Finally, you are able to load SysML diagrams you created with Astah SysML to Astah System Safety.
By transferring your data from Astah SysML to Astah System Safety, you can use the advanced functionalities in Astah System Safety such as XMI import/export of SysML models.

Loading Astah SysML files to Astah System Safety
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Import Astah GSN files

Finally, you are able to load GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) you created with Astah GSN to Astah System Safety. By transferring your data from Astah GSN to Astah System Safety, you will be able to switch over to Astah System Safety which will be beneficial if you want to use other functionalities you want to use in Astah System Safety.

Import Astah GSN Project files
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More API Support

Now API for Parametric diagrams, UseCase diagrams and MindMap is available.

Astah System Safety API Support
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Academic Pricing available

Astah System Safety is now a part of the deal of “Faculty Site License” which enables the instructors and students to use Astah System Safety in classrooms on campus and also at home at flat rate.

Astah-Faculty Site License
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Improvements & Bug Fixes

[—] Stereotyped models can now be displayed with icons.
[—] macOS support
[087] Improved the performance when moving the mouse over diagrams.

Resolved issues:

[459] A problem with comparison merging of synchronous models has been fixed.
[467] Installing problems of State Transition Table Plug-in.

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[—] Astah SysML project files can now be imported.
[068] UseCase diagrams can be now imported from Cameo Systems Modeler.
[074] Statemachine diagrams can be now imported from Cameo Systems Modeler.
[069] Improved handling of stereotypes in Cameo export functions, etc.
[075] Use case diagram APIs are now supported.
[078] Parametric diagram APIs are now supported.
[] Expanded support for APIs related to diagram elements
[093] In activity diagrams, parameter nodes can be moved together in a batch move.
[097] Editing constraint properties of object nodes is now supported.

Resolved issues:

[959] Fixed a problem where two topics were created when dragging and dropping submachine states and behavior invocation actions onto a mind map.
[045] Fixed an issue that could cause memory leaks when merging SysML models.
[062] Fixed an issue where multiple UNDOs in a sequence diagram could cause an exception.
[067] Fixed a problem where a file generated by mdxml export of a sample model could not be imported into mdxml after editing it.
[085] Fixed an issue where an exception would occur when attempting to create a nested element for a part property of type PrimitiveValueType, etc.
[091] Fixed an issue where the propertyID and propertyDescriptionID in Cameo export results would have unintended values.
[099] Fixed an issue where attributes, related ends, and ports could not be added if there was a port with the same name as the attribute or related end.
[100] Fixed an issue where the start and end points retrieved by the line presentation API could be swapped.

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Resolved issues:

[277] Fixed an issue where creating a component with the same name, adding process variables to both, and then copy-pasting everything would cause an exception
[280] Fixed a problem where the page numbering in the footer could be wrong when printing individually after printing in bulk.
[286] Fixed the problem that an exception dialog is displayed when you cancel the print from the print preview dialog

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[485] Mind Map API is now supported.

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[18] Public Indicator is now supported in GSN.