Ensure System Safety with GSN

GSN, or Goal Structuring Notation, is a technique to visualize how goals of a system are successively broken down into sub-goals until a point is reached where claims can be supported by direct reference to available evidence. GSN has been increasingly used for safety cases in industries such as automotive (ISO 26262), aerospace (DO-178B), rail, nuclear, and defense. If you require GSN modeling, Astah GSN is the right choice for your system safety assurances.

Astah GSN

End of Life (EOL) Announcement

We are announcing the “End of Life” (EoL) of Astah GSN. Please read the details and milestones on EOL announcement page.

Please try Astah System Safety that also supports GSN.

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Standard Models

Astah GSN is compliant with GSN Community Standard version 1.0. As a full-fledged modeling software – not just a drawing tool – Astah GSN creates models that can be exported as SACM (ARM), the OMG standard. With Astah, you can reuse your common structures in safety case arguments, keeping your patterns consistent across diagrams.

Mind mapping is also included in Astah GSN, and your mind maps can easily be converted to GSN, making the entire diagramming process faster and easier!

Import. Export. Integrate.


Structured Assurance Case Metamodel Import & Export.

Using Astah GSN, you can import or export in the SACM (ARM) – OMG standard, allowing interoperability between systems and easy communication with other teams.

Image Export.

You can save GSN models in PNG, JPEG, EMF and SVG formats. You can also copy them to the clipboard, so it is easy to paste your GSN diagrams into third-party tools such as Microsoft Word.


Simple to Use. Simple to Extend.

Huge library of plug-ins.

Need a feature that’s not included out of the box? No problem! Thanks to the Friends of Astah and our own extensive library of plug-ins and integrations, Astah GSN can be customized to do what you need.


Script Editor Plug-In.

By installing the free Script Editor plug-in, you can access GSN models using the ECMAScript (JavaScript) language. This powerful tool allows you to extract data or modify models easily via script using an API. The possibilities of Script Editor are endless!