With Astah System Safety, you can compare models and diagrams in two project files.
Differences can be shown in a list and also in diagrams visually with markups.

Compare Diagram
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Compare Diagrams

  1. Open a file then go to [File] – [Compare Project and Merge].
    Compare Project and Merge menu in Astah System Safety

  2. Select another project file to compare.

  3. [Differences] pop-up opens with a list of diagrams and models of both project files in a tree view side-by-side.

    Diagrams and models that have differences will be indicated with color:
    – Blue: This model exists in both files but something is different than one in another file
    – Red: The model does not exist in the file but exists in another file
    – Green: The model exists only in one file and not in another file

  4. If you want to see the differences in diagrams visually. Select a diagram in the tree view and click [Open Compare Diagram].
    Compare Diagrams

  5. Two diagrams open with markups.
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You can merge files

If you’d like to merge two projects into one after comparing the models, click the [Merge] button.

How to merge files