Import Profiles

You can import profiles to Astah System Safety and use the TaggedValues defined in the profiles.
Currently, Astah System Safety can import profiles in OMG XMI 2.5 format.

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Import a profile

  1. Click on a root package
  2. Choose [Profile] tab in the bottom-pane
  3. Click [Add] button
    Import UML Profile with Astah System Safety

  4. Then select a profile in a file chooser.

  5. After importing a profile, you can use Stereotypes that are imported by the profile.
    Select Stereotype Imported by Profile
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Deleting a profile

Open a [Profile] tab and choose an imported profile and click [Delete].
Delete Profile

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Reloading a profile

Currently, Astah System Safety cannot update or reload the imported profiles.
So if you have an updated profile, please delete the current one first and import a new one.

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What you can define in profiles

You can define stereotypes and TaggedValue types and multiplicities in the profiles.
Regarding the TaggedValues, you can define singular and primitive types. Icons are not supported.
Please use Eclipse UMLEditor to create a profile.

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Currently, Astah System Safety cannot import the profiles if they:

  • have the same name or URI as the one you already imported or
  • are deviated from CMOF 2.5 specification or
  • have external references than UML meta-models or
  • have duplicated member name in the namespace or
  • are nested