Free Astah Viewer
for Everyone

The free Astah Viewer allows you to use all the powerful features of Astah’s software and still share the files with those who do not have an Astah license. Now, when you ask your clients or colleagues to review your diagrams, just ask them to download the Astah Viewer and open your .asta file! Sharing and reviewing is just that easy!

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Viewer Capabilities

What can you do with the free Astah Viewer? Everything you need to review a project, including:

Open .asta files

Search in the project

Search in diagrams

Show property view

Switch aliases

Jump to a diagram from tree view

Switch notation in ERD and DFD

* Note: Astah Viewer cannot be used to print, export, edit, or save files.

Want More? Upgrade to Astah UML

Want to be able to print, edit, or save your Astah files? Need the ability to comment on diagrams?

Upgrade to Astah UML!