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Astah helps you visualize software designs with UML diagrams, brainstorm ideas with mind maps, represents interactions between system and components with SysML diagrams, graphically represent processes with Flowcharts, structure arguments in a standardized, recognizable format with GSN and more. Start Astah, the best modeling tools for your daily job.

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Three Product Package

The Astah Engineering Pack is a three-product bundle for one discounted price. It’s the perfect tool-set to handle everything from software engineering to generating safety assurance cases! With this pack, you will receive only one license file enabling you to use all three editions of Astah. There’s no hassle with multiple licenses.

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Astah in Action

A few years ago I was looking for a tool to help me to draw UML diagrams. When I was in college, my teachers recommended enterprise platforms, but I was looking for a faster and simpler tool. Then I found Astah, and it was exactly what I wanted. Astah is cross-platform, which enables me to use it both on my Linux and Windows, and this has helped me a lot!

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Individual Licensing Options

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Annual – $550
Annual – €480
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Annual – $140
Annual – €120
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Annual – $119
Annual – €90
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^ Astah Professional Perpetual License includes 1 year of support and renewal cost from the 2nd year is only for $74 / €57.

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