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Astah would like to thank the users of the Astah Community Edition but regret to inform you that this editions was discontinued on September 26, 2018. Astah is dedicated to continuing its support of our other products, including these options that may be of interest to you:

Astah Modeling Tool

Why Upgrade

Astah’s other products offer more powerful features to take your diagramming and modeling to the next level.

Advanced Programming

Maintain Legacy Files

Don’t lose access to your models created in .asta files. Files created in the Community Edition can be viewed and edited in Astah Professional and UML.
Academic Pricing

Expand Your Models

With support for Agile Architecture & Design (AA&D) and basic Model-Driven Development (MDD), Astah can create the type of diagram you need.

Communicate with a Team

Astah products are designed for use with teams to ensure version control and easy file sharing.

Customize & Extend

With an extensive plug-in library, integration with popular third-party tools, and an API, Astah can work exactly as you need it to.

Astah Professional

Astah Professional can help you visualize your ideas, improve communication, and deliver success!

With Astah Professional, you can do everything in one tool, from UML to flowcharts to mind mapping and reverse-engineering code. The communication and collaboration features are built for all types of teams, from offshore to virtual. And the powerful library of plug-ins and well-documented API mean you can extend and customize the software as you see fit.

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Astah UML

Astah UML is a simple, lightweight UML editor meant to help you work quickly and easily. While it has the same ease of use, customization, and communication tools as Astah Professional, it is perfect for those who just want to get to work creating models without all the bells and whistles.

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Our free trials are fully functional. Experience the power of Astah for yourself!

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