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Get started learning UML with Astah while you’re still a student, and you’ll be more marketable and prepared for your first engineering job! By using Astah while still at university, you’ll learn to how to design software through creating diagrams, and follow best practices that will give you an advantage over other job applicants. And, Astah offers a free license to qualified college students.

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Benefits of Astah UML for Students

Astah UML is a fast, simple, and lightweight software package designed for UML modelling.

UML Diagrams

UML 2.x Diagrams

Creating UML in our lightweight tool is faster than in Excel or non-UML-specific drawing tools.
Source Code Integration

Source Code Integration

Reverse engineer or generate source code for your models to learn real-world development impact.
Free for Students

Free for Students

With an academic email address, you can qualify for a free license for Astah UML.

Get a free student license

Students who have an academic email address are eligible to receive a FREE license for Astah UML.

  • This is for a single student’s personal use only.
  • Instructors and teachers cannot use this student license.
  • Instructors and teachers should purchase an academic license.

We no longer accept applications with attachment files. This change had to be made due to a high number of dishonest applications. Please ask your teacher to purchase a site-wide license.

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Benefits of Astah Professional for Students

When you’re ready for more advanced features, upgrade to Astah Professional and get all the modeling and diagramming tools used by professionals in the field.

Advanced Programming

Advanced Diagramming

The Pro version offers all the same tools as the UML version but with more advanced diagram types.
Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Made for large-scale development and appropriate for even remote teams, Pro helps you work with your classmates!
Student Discount

Student Discount

With the Academic Discount License, students can use professional-level tools without commercial costs!

Astah in Action

Astah is the best UML tool I have come across. It has comprehensive features, yet is very easy to learn and use, which is why it is my default modeling tool. It was a pleasure to build a plug-in for Astah since it has an extensive API and documentation that allow for many possibilities.