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Make software design more productive, rich and fun

Create UML, ER Diagram, Flowchart, and Data Flow Diagram and develop a clear understanding of your software design for yourself and your teams.

You can easily draw a variety of diagrams to visualize complex systems and keep them consistent.

API and free plug-ins are also available to tailer Astah to fit your needs!

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Questions About Evaluating Astah Professional?

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Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Pros: astah
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Cons: GitHub
Sho I.
Sho I.
Overall: Astah Cons: Figma SaaS Web
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Overall: OSS (Open Source Software)astah Pros: APIJava Cons: APIJava
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Cons: ()()21
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Overall: umler Pros: umlERumlersql ddl Cons: GoogleDocsOffice365Web
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Pros: UMLastahqwertyMS Office
Danny d.
Danny d.
Why Astah after all these other modeling tools? Overall: My overall experience with Astah has been very good over the years and I will continue to use the tool in coming years. Pros: Today, when using a modeling tool, my primary concern regards the usability of the tool. If I need to model something quickly then I want to be able to get my ideas onto a canvas quickly and easily. The last thing that I want to do is to wrestle with the tool as my ideas and thoughts float away.The installability of the tool is really good as well as I never have any issues with updates/upgrades and they are always welcome as I know the vendor always adds some new feature that I didn't know that I needed. Cons: One of my biggest complaints about Astah has been its lack of good and reliable reverse engineering, specifically with C++. Another feature that I wish was improved is the sharing of models and I don't believe that the current feature is good enough.
Christoph S.
Christoph S.
Astah Professional im Unterrich Pros: Erstellen aller Diagrammtypen wie Klassendiagramme, Sequenzdiagramme, Objektdiagramme, Anwendungsfalldiagramme und ER-Diagramme Cons: Ein Plugin für Eclipse mit der einfachen Integration der Diagramme in ein Projekt.

Make UML Diagrams Fast

Draw clean UML diagrams with ease.
You will be surprised how easily and swiftly you can draw clean UML diagrams with Astah including:

Class Diagram (Watch Video)
Communication Diagram
UseCase Diagram
Component Diagram
Statemachine Diagram
Deployment Diagram
Activity Diagram
Composite Structure Diagram
Sequence Diagram

Timing Diagram
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Questions About Evaluating Astah Professional?

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ER Diagrams for Data Modeling

You can create ERD (Entity-relationship diagrams) from scratch or auto-generate ER diagrams by importing tables from an existing database.

SQL Export
Reverse Engineering
Crow’s Foot & IDEF1X
Logical and Physical Models
Import ER models via Excel
Export ER models to Excel
Import ER domains via Excel
Access models via Script
Highlight relationships
Export to JPEG, PNG & SVG
Download Free Trial (Windows) Download Free Trial (macOS) Download Free Trial (Linux) Download Free Trial (Linux)

Questions About Evaluating Astah Professional?

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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Work quickly and efficiently with assist functions.

We’ve been incorporating user feedback for more than 10 years. The result is a powerful software program that is incredibly easy to use. Astah Pro offers a variety of “assist” functions to make your work faster, including:

Alignment guides
Copy to MS Office documents
Customize shortcut keys
Map view
Show related classes/models
State transition path & table
Astah Professional Sample Diagrams
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More Diagram Support

Astah lets you create more varieties of diagram types including:

Data Flow Diagram
Requirement Diagram
Requirement Table
Mind Map

The big advantages of using multi-diagramming tool such as Astah Professional is the model conversion and relationships.
For example, you can create a mind map when hearing user’s requirements in the meeting, then convert the mind maps to UML model elements such as Actors, UseCases by drag and drop to generate UML diagrams.

Also, adding hyperlinks to related models across diagrams can be done easily and helpful to clarify the traceability.

Mind Map, DataFlow Diagram, Flowchart, Requirement Diagram in Astah Professional
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Communicate with Precision

Customize your layout and design elements.

Astah Professional offers “expressions” that help you customize your layout and design. This makes your working environment friendlier, and improves the clarity of communications.

Expressions include use case descriptions, alias names for models, font settings, customizable icons, mini icons, highlighter/marker pens, and free writing tools.

Export and import in various formats.

Export the diagrams you create in Astah Pro to a variety of formats, including image files (jpg, png, emf, and svg), RTF documents, HTML, Entity Definition Report, and XMI.

You can also copy and paste into Microsoft Office documents and print with customized settings.

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Expand and Customize with API

Big library of plug-ins & integrations

You can customize Astah Professional with a vast library of plug-ins and integrations.
Plug-ins are available for code generation, reverse engineering, exporting,  importing, state transitions, usability, and more.

In-App Script Editor

The Astah API enables you to obtain Astah model information, create and modify diagrams and models, and use them in application software.
In addition, you can directly access models using scripts via Script Editor with-in application.

Source Code Integration

Generate or Reverse Engineer Code

Bring your concept to life with our code generation tools, or work backwards and reverse engineer your project to create a model. Astah supports reverse engineering of Java, C#, and C++. Generate PHP, SQL and other languages.

Collaborate with Team Members

Work with all types of teams, from in-house, to remote, to offshore! Our tools allow you to lock files, merge files, compare diagrams and models, work in multiple languages, and import other projects as read only for reference.

Clean and Attractive Diagrams

Any drawing tool can create nice-looking diagrams. Astah keeps your design model visually pleasing and accurate. Our diagrams are easy to read and understand with a clean and modern look that’s easy on the eyes!
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Try Astah for Free

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