With Astah Professional, you can generate a Traceability Map.
Traceability Map is a graphical notation to show traceability relationship between models elements in a project.
Each Traceability Map is generated focusing on a specific model element.
By grasping all the traceability relationships of models, you can maintain the consistency of the diagrams and models as a whole.

Traceability Map
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Generate a Traceability Map

There are three ways to generate a Traceability Map.

1. From Tool menu

  1. Open a project file.
  2. Go to [Tools] – [Traceability Map] – [Open Traceability Map].
    Create Traceability Map

  3. A list of model elements will appear. Select a model you’d like to create a Traceability Map for and click [OK].
    Traceability Map Creation

  4. A Traceability Map will be generated focusing on the selected model in the center.
    Traceability Map Sample

2. From diagram

Right-click on a model and select [Open Traceability Map].

3. From tree view

  1. Go to the structure tree view (top-left pane).
  2. Right-click on a model and select [Open Traceability Map].
    How to create a Traceability Map
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What information goes on a Traceability Map

The Traceability Maps will include the following model information.

Package, Model, Subsystem, Class, UseCase, Component, Artifact, Node, External Entity, Data Store, ER Entity, Requirement and TestCase
Association, AssociationClass, Generalization, Realization, Dependency, Usage, Template Binding, Extend, Include, Identifying Relationship, Non-Identifying Relationship and Many-to-Many Relationship and Subtype
  • Type Reference (Attribute Type, Operation Return Value, Base Class of Instance Specification, Lifeline, Object Node, Component Instance, Node Instance)
  • Dependencies of Requirements and TestCases
  • Diagram that the selected model is depicted
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What you can do with a Traceability Map

Once you create a Traceability Map, you can not only see traceability relationship of models, but also quickly access where the mode on diagram and in the structure tree.

Jump to tree

From the traceability map, you can see jump to the model in the tree view from [Show in Structure Tree] menu.
Jump to Structure Tree

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Update Traceability Map

If you modified models after creating a traceability map, please update your map by clicking the [update] button or choose [Update Traceability Map] menu from the map’s pop-up menu.
Update Traceability Map

Alternatively, you can update all of the traceability maps from [Tools] – [Traceability Map] – [Update All Traceability Maps].
Update all the Traceability Maps

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Export Traceability Map to RTF

After you create the Traceability Map, you can export it to the RTF document from [Tools] – [Traceability Map] – [Export to RTF] or select [Export to RTF] from the Map’s pop-up menu.
RTF Export