Compare projects

Project files can be compared with the working project as follows:

  1. Go to [File]-[Compare Project].
    Compare Project Menu
  2. Select the target project and click [Open].
  3. The “Compare Project” dialog is displayed.

[Compare Project] Window

Conflict Tree

The differences between the working project and the compared project are displayed in the Conflict Tree.



Compare Green
This indicates that these diagrams/models exist only in the working project.
Compare - red icon
This indicates that these diagram/models exist only in the compared project.
Compare Blue
This indicates that these diagrams/models exist in both projects.

Compare Diagrams Visually

You can compare two diagrams visually by clicking the [Show Diagram difference] button.
Show diagram difference after comparing

This pulls out a new window with two diagrams side by side with marks.
You can filter the changes by the type of change such as “Added”, “Deleted” and “Modified”.

Compare Diagrams Visually

Since version 8.2, the “hide differences in appearance” option is available.
Checking this option will make only the modified models have a mark on. So models with presentation changes such as color changes and subtle re-location will not be detected as a difference.
Hide visual-related changes

Export Result of Comparison

Export Conflict List

  1. Click [Select] in the Compare Project dialog, and specify the exported file.
  2. Click [Export] to export the result of the project comparison.