Flowchart Sample

Creating an object

You can directly double-click on a diagram to create a process. Also, please refer to “creating an object” for more tricks.
Creating a process in Flowchart

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Flow Symbol

When you create an object other than double-clicking on a diagram, choose an icon from a Flow Symbol palette and then click on a diagram.
Astah Flowchart Palette

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Switch Icon

If you’d like to change an icon, you don’t have to delete and re-create it. Instead,
1. Choose [Set Icon] from an object’s pop-up menu.
Set Icon in Flowchart

2. A flow palette appears, choose the one you like.
Set icon palette

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Create a custom palette

If there are no icons that you’d like to use in the existing flow symbol palette, you can create one with the icons you like.

1. Go to [Tools] – [Template Settings] – [Flow Symbol].
Flow Symbol

2. Create [Add] button.
Create a flow symbol palette

3. Enter the template name and click OK. Now select the template name and click [Edit].
Edit flow symbol palette

4. Click the [Add] button on the right and add an image file and its name.
* You can upload more than one image file at once.
* Supported image file formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, and svg
Add Flow Symbols

5. Now your custom template is on the left pane.
Flowchart Sample in Astah