Dark Flat mode on Astah System Safety
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Apply dark theme

You can choose your preferred theme to apply to Astah from [View] – [Look & Feel] – [Dark Themes] in main menu. Available product and version are as below:

  • Astah Professional, UML and Viewer version 9.0 and later
  • Astah System Safety version 8.0 and later

Background of Diagram Editor

Currently, themes do not apply to diagram editor’s background color. If you want to tune it up to fit the dark surface, you can change it from the option below:

  • Astah Professional and UML : [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Diagram Editor] – [Background color]
  • Astah System Safety: [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Basic] – [Diagram Editor] – [Background color]
Background color of diagram editor
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Pre-installed themes

There are nearly 70 pre-installed themes you can choose from. Here’re the previews of each one of them.
Or you can see the best 8 themes we recommend.

To see all available themes, please pick the category.

  1. Light Theme
  2. Dark Theme
  3. Dark Themes (Material)
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Available Dark Themes

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Arc Dark

Dark theme - Arc Dark

Arc Dark – Orange

Dark Theme - Arc Dark Orange


Dark Theme - Carbon


Dark Theme - cobalt 2

Dark Flat

Dark Theme - Dark Flat

Dark Purple

Dark Theme - Dark Purple


Dark theme - Dracula

FlatLaf Dracula

Dark Theme - FlatLaf Dracula

FlatLaf Dark

Dark Theme - FlatLaf Dark

Gradianto Dark Fuchsia

Dark Theme - Gradianto Dark Fuchsia

Gradianto Deep Ocean

Dark Theme - Gradianto Deep Ocean

Gradianto Midnight Blue

Dark Theme - Gradianto Midnight Blue

Gradianto Nature Green

Dark Theme - Gradiant Nature Green

Gruvbox Dark Hard

Dark Theme - Gruvbox Dark Hard

Grovbox Dark Medium

Dark theme - Gruvbox Dark Medium

Gruvbox Dark Soft

Dark theme - Gruvbox Dark Soft

Hiberbee Dark

Dark theme - Hiberbee Dark

High contrast

Dark Theme - High Contrast

Material Design Dark

Dark theme - Material Design Dark


Dark Theme - Monocai

Monokai Pro

Dark Theme - Monokai Pro


Dark Theme - Nord

One Dark

Dark Theme - One Dark

Solarized Dark

Dark Theme - Solarized Dark


Dark theme - Spacegray


Dark theme - Vuesion


Dark theme - Xcode-Dark