User Interface Overview

Initial Launch Screen:

  • Upon first start, Astah System Safety may display a blank screen.Astah System Safety Blank at launch

Interface Activation:

Creating a project or diagram activates the left pane.
Astah System Safety with Structure Tree View


  • Each project contains four default containers: SysML, SCDL, STAMP/STPA, and GSN.Structure Tree of Astah System Safety

  • SysML Model includes pre-installed models.
    Pre-installed SysML models in Astah System Safety
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Customizing Facets (Since Version 9.0)

Starting from version 9.0, you have the option to hide facets that are not relevant to your current work.
This feature simplifies the interface, letting you focus more efficiently on the facets you use.

Deactivating Facet

  1. Navigate to [Tools] → [System Properties] → [Project].
  2. Uncheck the Facets you don’t need, then click [Apply] and [OK].
    Astah System Safety Facets
  3. Now you only have selected facets available in the structure tree.
    Changing Facets in Astah System Safety

Activating Facet

Same steps as deactivating, but check the Facets you want to activate.

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Astah System Safety’s Main Sections

Astah System Safety consists of four sections:
Astah System Safety UI Overview

  1. Main Menu: Basic menu listings.
  2. Project View: Shows model information in a tree view for searching models and STPA procedure
  3. Property View: Edit details of the selected model.
  4. Diagram Editor: A canvas for drawing diagrams.
  5. Extra View: Additional view that appear if plug-ins are installed.
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Project View

  • Overview of the entire project with tabs for “Structure Tree”, “Map”, “Diagram”, “Search”, and “STPA procedure“.
  • [Structure Tree] Pane: Default view showing a hierarchical structure of the project’s model.
  • Jump to Related Diagrams: Right-click a model in the structure tree to find and jump to all related diagrams.
    Astah SysML All Related Diagram Menu Sample
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[Diagram] Pane

  • Shows a list of all project diagrams with sorting options.
  • Open diagrams or locate them in the structure tree via the context menu.Astah SysML Diagram List
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[Search] Pane

  • Search models and diagrams within a project.
    Astah SysML Search Pane

  • Options to filter out unused models, broken hyperlinks, etc.
    Astah System Safety's Search Options
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[STPA Procedure] Pane

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Light Theme and Dark Theme

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Map View

  • A diagram view controller located at the corner of the Diagram Editor.
  • Adjust visible area and zoom in the Diagram Editor.
  • The blue rectangle indicates the area that is currently shown in the Diagram Editor.
    Map View in Astah System Safety


Drag the blue rectangle to change the area you want to see on the diagram editor.

Zoom in/out

Resize the blue rectangle by a right-drag to pinpoint where you want to see of the diagram.Using Map View for Astah System Safety

Change the location of Map View

You can relocate Map View from [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Diagram Editor] – [Location of Map View in the Diagram Editor].
Change a location of Map View

(e.g. Map View in the right-corner of the diagram editor)
Change location of Map View in Astah System Safety