System Safety 5.0 (February 26, 2021)

Released: February 26, 2021
Model Version compatibility link: 6
Bundled Java: Bundled JRE Only jre8u275 (AdoptOpenJDK)

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Astah System Safety is a new MBSE tool for safety-critical systems.
Please let us know if you’d like to try it out!

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Merge Models

Now you can merge project files from [File] – [Compare Project and Merge] menu.
You can also compare the differences of the models in a list and also in diagrams visually.

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Better Cameo Integration

Now you can export more diagram types into Cameo Sytems Modeler via .mdxml file .

XMI export is available from [Tools] – [UML/SysML] – [Export to XMI] – [Cameo SysML XMI] menu.
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Highlighting in SCDL

Now relationships between requirements are highlighted in SCDL.
Now you can see the interactions of requirements much easier.


Note Visibility

Now you can show/hide Notes in SysML diagrams from the [Note Visibility] menu on the diagram’s context menu.



API for GSN and STPA/STAMP is now available.
This will enable you to get and edit models and diagrams from your own program to integrate with other tools or verification of your models.

Astah System Safety API
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More Improvements & Bug Fixes

[8980] Now you can show/hide all the Notes at once from [Note Visibility] – [Show All/Hide All] menu.
Show Hide All the Notes

[8783] Now you can drag all the models from the tree to Mind Map to create a Mind Map topic.
[9235] Improved the [Differences] view of [Compare Project and Merge] feature.

[9131] [Reset model ID] menu is newly added.
[8813] [Check Invalid Models] menu is newly added.
[8976] Now you can use State Transition Table Plugin with Astah System Safety.

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[0710] Now relationships between requirements are highlighted which will help you see the interactions of requirements much easier.

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[0492][1876] API is now available.

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[0857] Now you can export the following diagrams to XMI which is compatible with No Magic’s Cameo Systems Modeler.

  • Requirement Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Statemachine Diagram
  • UseCase Diagram

[1379] Improved a message label that appears when importing Requirements from Excel to SysML::Libraries.
[1646] Improved a message label when creating an Operation to a Lifeline that has an uneditable type.
[1501] Now you can create a Nest relationship from a package to Unit.

Issues resolved in 5.0

[8889] Editing Action to the Trigger from property view did not appear in the Statemachine diagrams.
[1455] Newly-created Parts appear behind the existing model elements in Internal Block Diagram.
[1552] Showing a Port on a Block could re-arrange the location of the other existing Ports.
[1593] Switching a Composite Property to Shared will create an association with Composite on both ends.
[1634] Dragging a Mind Map topic to Requirements on the diagram will create an operation/attribute under a Requirement Model.
[1637] Creating a self-message after editing an Asynchronous message will make SpecificationExecution look nested.
[1669] A message emerging from Sequence Diagram Frame will have an invalid value.
[1690] Clicking [Show Interface] from Port’s Context menu could throw an exception error.
[1694] Time Constraint will be left out when you move a message in the Sequence diagram.
[1711] [Align Port] menu will not align Provided/Required Interfaces.
[1719] Moving a message out of CombinedFragment will delete some other models.
[1781] Showing Reference Property in Internal Block Diagram could throw an exception error.
[1814] Moving model elements after editing its stereotype TaggedValue could throw an exception error.
[1798] Astah used to allow Lifeline to have Requirement as its type.
[1835] Moving a Constraint Parameter to a corner of the Constraint Property will create an invalid model.
[1859] It is not available to edit Value Property Type from the property view.


[1063] Now you can drag and drop a SysML Library to Mind Map.

Issues resolved in 5.0

[1724] Changing MindMap Link style does not apply.
[8988] When adding an image to a mind map topic, the inserted image will have an outline.
[9194] Opening/closing Mindmap topics will disable a knob of Linklines of Topics.
[1544] Changing MindMap text appearance does not apply.